Tuesday, October 7, 2008

CoretanKu : Missing The Old Time~

Salam Aidilfitri to all~

After raya for a week,so today is the time for me to go back to UTP (I already here though). It's like 'tak puas' coz I only beraya for 5 days only. Started at Pahang (my dad's kampung) then I went to Johor and last was at Melaka. Then, I went back home on Sunday. I've to go beraya to few of my friend's houses but since I came back from kampung on Sunday,so I couldn't go to any of the houses. So sad laa... I've promised to few of them and some of them also did ask me to come to their house but I couldn't. Maybe next raya laa,insyaAllah.

Owh,bout the topic of this post,I really missed some of the old time of mine. I do miss my school time, also my raya time when I was younger. When I was at the Komuter station (during my way back home), I saw few secondary students,perhaps form 3 or 4, I think. Then I started to remember my school time,when I was about to go back home for any holidays. I did have few friends from the same area of my hometown. So, all of us took a bus from Melaka Sentral to Seremban, then we took a komuter to UKM. But when I'm in UTP, I don't have any. I do have friends from Selangor or K.L where I normally 'tumpang' their car but they're not in the same area of mine. It's not an issue actually. Just comparing with the old time.

Living as a university student is very tough I think. Even though when I was at school, I really wanted to be at university since some of my seniors said that life in university is so 'bebas'. I do admit it but as we grow older,our responsibilities will be even more compared when we were younger. I need to think of so much things and the obstacles are even tougher. I did think few times that I want to finish my studies as soon as possible and I want to work. But then,when I was at kampung, one of my auties said that, once you've worked, then you will appreciate more on you previous life (during university time) and you wish that you want that life again. Haha.. When I think it back, I started to wonder that, I did wish the same thing when I was in school and the same thing happens right now. I do miss my old time and I do think that my school time is better than now. So,beware of what you wish for as you might regret it. So, I just keep telling to myselt that I need to be grateful of what I have right now.

So now, I need to get back to the reality and stop dreaming. I've lots of things to do right now. I have an assignment to be submitted tomorrow, a presentation on Thusday and a test plus another assigment on Friday. Huhuhu..next week will be even more busy as more things to do. I'll keep it for the next post then. =P