Sunday, June 7, 2009

1st Week of my Internship at Schlumberger~

Assalamualaikum & greetings to all,

Ok,today is my 6th day in Labuan. I'm thinking to regularly updating my blog,weekly perhaps not only for someone to read,but for me to treasure every moment here in Labuan (I've never been in East Malaysia before,this is like the very 1st time I'm here..). So lets talk about what I've gone through this week.

1st Day

I had my flight to Labuan on Tuesday, 7.50a.m at LCCT (by AirAsia obviously). Since I need to check-in quite early, an hour before the flight time,so I had to wake up 5 o'clock in the morning. Me & my parents were heading to the airport somewhere around 5.45a.m and we arrived there I think around 6.20a.m. I did all the necessary things and then waited until 7.30a.m before going on board. The journey took nearly two and a half hour to arrive at Labuan Airport. Then,me & Epit went straight away to the base (Asian Supply Base) to report to our respective manager a.k.a Field Service Manager (FSM). Mine is Orient Balbir Samuel,an Indonesian. Oh,another thing,here in Schlumberger,we don't call people with Mr. or Ms. or Dr. or what knot since for them,everybody here is the same,regardless of your position or qualification. Then,I've introduced to my Mentor, Agnes Tan, a Field Engineer in Core Completions. Yeah,forgot to mention before,I'll be in Completions segment for the whole 8 months in Schlumberger. Later on,my Mentor showed me to all the people in the segment before we went out for lunch. During lunch, I met some girls (all of them are engineers ok..), Airin, Premjit, Ruby and Husna. Then,we back to the base,got all the PPE (hard hat,coverall,safety class and boots) from Ruby,the segment Admin and had a shop tour at the workshop with my mentor. After 5 o'clock,I went to my house by the company's bus. Just imagine,my Admin gave me the wrong key and I could enter the house and waited for an hour for my housemate to come. I have three housemates, Ridhwan, Naseer & Indran but only Indran is in K.L for sometimes. At night,we all went to have our dinner by walking to the nearest restaurant and they paid for me. Hehe..

2nd Day

Nothing much I did for the 2nd day but I had the opportunity to observe the engineers to pressure test one of the equipment which was SSD (I can only observe cause I don't get enough training to do any work yet). During lunch time,my mentor again brought me out to Blue Whale and blanje me. Hehe..they said, VT (Vacation Trainee) nt need to pay. Of course la,they earn like rm10,000 per month. For them,money is not a problem especially in Labuan coz there's nothing to do much here except to spend their money for food. night,my housemates again treated me at Pizza Hut. So,no money spent that day. =D

3rd Day

Today,I got NEST (New Employee Safety Training) for the whole day. It just about the HSE policy and issue in Schlumberger. Kinda bored actually,just imagine,it's like you were listening to HSE lecture for 8 hours. Haha..but the interesting thing is,all Schlumberger employee need to wear seat belt everytime we are in any vehicle including bus or even when you seat at the back. If not,you might get terminated by the company. Hoho..sounds crazy right but it actually can reduce the impact of the accident since vehicle accident is no. 1 cause of death in Oil & Gas industry. So guys,please wear your seat belt ok,it will keep you safe at least.

4th Day

On Friday,I just completed all the orientation checklist so that I can start working a.s.a.p somewhere next week. I'm a lil' bit happy today since my FSM finally allows me to have sea survival training (it's compulsory for someone who'll be going to offshore). So,I hope my FSM will allow me to go offshore during my training here. Really want to go there cause it's once in a life time to have the experience going offshore unless you're the real engineer and not many of them have the opportunity though. At night,I went to Choice Restaurant (a famous Indian Muslim restaurant in Labuan) with Naseer and again,he paid for me. I had Murtabak Daging which was so huge and I couldn't finish it myself. Later on,we went to Ramy's house,to lepak2, had some chit chat and watching Astro (since our house doesn't have one). Ramy is from Saudi Arabia and he's in Cementing, Well Services segment. We were at his house until 12 midnight and the we went back home.

5th & 6th Day

For both days, Saturday and Sunday, I went to Epit's apartment in Unjana Kewangan since his apartment located exactly at the town. There's shopping mall and some interesting shops to visit. But since I'm not in a good condition (got flu and sore throat since day 2),so we just went to shopping mall to buy some chocolates (it's duty free ok,like Langkawai) and I bought 2 pieces of short pants. On Saturday,we had our lunch at chicken rice restaurant (forgot its name) and we cooked for our dinner,just a simple Nasi Goreng with telur dadar and some chicken wings we bought outside. On Sunday, we ate at Mamak Restaurant and it cost me rm7.50 for nasi+ayam+telur masin+sayur bayam+teh'o suam where I can get it for rm4.00 if I bought it at Pak Ali,UTP. Haha..but the foods in Labuan are quite expensive like in K.L even though it's not developed like K.L. I don't why...

p/s: I'm a lil' bit excited for tomorrow since I'll be doing my SIPP (Schlumberger Injuries Prevention Program) hopefully and then I can start working at the workshop. Yeay~