Sunday, June 27, 2010


Salam & good day to all...

Hm, since nak habis belajar nie (1 more sem to go!!), rasa rindu plak dgn member-member sekolah dulu especially time kat MRSM Jasin. After almost 15 years of studying, it will soon come to the end (if aku tak sambung Master & PhD la). Penat jugak study nie eh, 15 tahun aku belajar (formally) non-stop hokayy!! Bangga giler and alhamdulillah, byk kejayaan yg aku dah kecapi. Thanks to all my teachers & lecturers~

InsyaAllah, I'll be meeting few of my friends yg balik bercuti from oversea. Looking forward for the souvenirs guys!!! mentioned in previous post/entry, there'll be a reunion with my ex-PUM mates kat Melaka. InsyaAllah, ktorg akan singgah MRSM Jasin to do some sharing with the juniors there (it's time for us to give back something to the school rite?). I got few old pics of me & my friends (time kat sekolah dulu-dulu) to share. Jejom tengok jom~

my ex-classmates, 405/505 in memory~

my ex-BWP mates~ =)

pic after graduation~

last paper of SPM 2005~

Besides my ex-schoolmates, I also miss the people who I used to work with during my internship in Schlumberger Labuan. Oh, walaupun Labuan tu memang tak best, tapi there are some good memories I had when I was there. Ingat lagi biler mula-mula sampai, rasa lonely sgt sebab takde member. Tapi lama-lama biler dah get along with all the people there, macam-macam ktorg buat such as karaoke, main paintball, BBQ, lepak-lepak tepi pantai, open house, birthday celebration & many more. Lagi tersentuh bila some of them even asked me, bila nak datang balik kat Labuan tu. Huhu..sangat-sangat terharu ye biler ada org cam rindu kat kita. Hehe..

~Schlumberger Completions Labuan~

with some of the friends that I met there..

paling dirindui, the Penghulu Tuah Boys a.k.a
my housemates for 8 months! =)

Huhu..memang sedih biler terkenang kisah-kisah dulu. Entah kenapa lately mood rindu tu selalu dtg. Hmm,really miss the old time. Kan best kalo ada mesin masa, just nak tengok balik je masa-masa dulu. Ok, enough writing coz I might be 'crying' as the more I write.

p/s: rindu gak kat member-member yg pernah keje sekali time join event kat UTP nie such as ConvoFair, TEC, CASFUMAL & CPW.. =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Singapore & Rumah Bola~

Salam & good day to all~

Ok, entry kali nie ada 2 cerita that I would like to share (erk,takde la cerita sgt pun). sebelum nie aku dah cerita about my vacation plans with my friends. Alhamdulillah, tiba-tiba mcm murah rezeki kali nie, so insyaAllah bulan September nie aku akan ke Singapore! Hooray..

This is a plan made with Lut & Ridhwan. So I'll be going to Singapore with them and we plan to take a train to go there! Haha..and kat sana nanti, ktorg just tour by MRT je kot. Tempat yg paling ingin dilawati would be the Universal Studio!! Yg lain-lain tu cam biasa la, Sentosa Island and mana-mana yg Lut nak bawak pegi (since dia dah pernah pegi sana). So excited & can't wait to go there!! Owh, kena buat passport dulu before pegi sana. Hehe..

Universal Studio, here I come~ =)

So, the next story lak pasal Rumah Bola. Pelik tapi benar. Since sekarang nie demam World Cup, so macam-macam benda pelik pasal bola nih. Ada sorg mamat Australia nih (Adam Santarossa), tinggal dalam rumah bola sepanjang berlangsung nyer World Cup.

Yang best nyer, event nie Adidas yang buat. So fully sponsored by Adidas la. Best jugak la sebab ada cleaner, laundry, PS3, laptop & he even got some money (USD 2,600) for doing this plus some goodies from Adidas. Best nyer, I wish I have this so-called 'house'. Kerja mamat nih just watch all the matches, tweeting, writing blogs and playing video game. Oh,such a heaven!!

P/S: Tiba-tiba rindu kat ex-schoolmates sebab will be meeting some of my friends yg balik cuti from oversea, plus ada reunion soon. Hehe.. =)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vacation oh Vacation!

Salam & good day to all~

So for this time entry, lets talk abaout VACATION! Vacation is defined as "A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation". I believe everybody needs a break either from work or study. Bak kata pepatah, "Take a break, have Kit Kat!" (hokey,takde kaitan. hehe..). So since I'm in a semester break right now (even though I'm still stuck in UTP because of FYP!!), I'm still planning for a vacation with family and friends. I had my vacation with my family last 2 weeks in Setiu, Terengganu and InsyaAllah, I'll be going to Pulau Redang with my friends early July! Wehuuu..

Pulau Redang, one of the beautiful island in Malaysia~

Not to forget, end of July, my ex-P.U.M club-mates will be organizing a gathering/reunion at A'Famosa Resort, Melaka! We're also planning to have ikan bakar at either Muara or Umbai (nyummy3~) and visit our beloved school, MRSM Jasin if we got time. Looking forward to see you guys okey~~~ =)

ikan bakar Umbai, terbaekkk~

The above would be the vacation that soon I'll be having (insyaAllah..), but I also had in my mind a plan to have a vacation after I finished my studies (which will be end of this year!!) and I'm targeting OVERSEA!! Haha..memang dah lama teringin nak bercuti kat luar negara. So my destination-to-be would be either London, Paris or Melbourne. Hehe..I choose these 3 places simply because I have friends that currently studying there. So it would be helpful for me to go around places there with the help of them right?

London, England

Paris, France

Melbourne, Australia

Oh,I'm planning to go there alone since it's hard to find someone which hasn't have any constrains to go with me (either money constrain or time constrain). So it would be easier for me to go by myself without having any friends coming (except those yg ada kat negara yg bakal dilawati tula). But it's not confirmed yet since I need to plan this carefully and liaise with my friends at that particular country. I really wish this would be a dream come true cause I really want to go there!!! Hehe.. =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup 2010: Too many upsets~!

Salam & good day to all...

Well, I hope it's not too late for me to talk about World Cup right since it has been started for more than a week now. This edition of World Cup is a little bit disappointing to me because there were too many upsets from the favorite teams like France, Germany, England, Spain and Italy cause they either lost or ended up draw with disappointed performance. I have this theory laa, since it's being held in Africa which is known with their witches; maybe all the team have been "cast" by the witches due to their poor performance. Haha..

You guys might wonder (if you are lah), which team I support? Normally, each person has 1 favorite team that they support but for me, I got FOUR! Haha..saja nak support team byk2, at least kalau yg 1 kalah, ada team lain yg got through kan. Hehe..let see what are my favorite teams:

England a.k.a The Three Lions

Netherlands a.k.a The Orange



So, those are my favorite teams during this time around World Cup. (How about you guys, which team(s) you support??) But then again, only Netherlands had performed quite well since they won both games in group match while others were quite disappointing. Huhu..well,still hoping for the best for all my teams. =)

Owh, I just watched Toy Story 3 last night and it was GOOD. It's fun & hilarious and worth watching laa. More worth it than watching the World Cup. Haha..ada gak babak yg sedih & rasa cam nak nangis je. Hehe..those who haven't watched it, go get the ticket at the nearest cinema ok! (if you like to watch cartoon/animated movie).

Saturday, June 19, 2010

If I weren't becoming an engineer...

Salam & good day to all~

Lately I kept on wondering what would I be if weren't an Engineer? Well, I did have few ambitions when I was a little bit younger (skrg still muda lg, takde la 'tua' sgt~). Since I have a deep interest in science, I once wanted to become a Scientist. When I was in form 4 if I'm not mistaken, I wanted to become an Astrologist that time. Haha..but after the MARA Trial when I was in form 5, I got offered either to further my studies in Medic or Engineering. Then I decided to go for Engineering in UTP and I chose Chemical Engineering because I happened to like Chemistry at that time. But it turns out that Chemical Engineering has nothing much to do with Chemistry. Haha..I did feel regret with my decision but I need to move on with whatever I'm on right now. Alhamdulillah, things were good in UTP especially when I got offered to do my internship with one of the top Oil & Gas company in the world and hopefully I'll be working with them soon, once I graduated.

Gaya seorg future Field Engineer~ =P

But I don't want to talk about what I'll become soon because pretty much insyaAllah I'll be an engineer once I graduated. But what if I could turn back time & I can choose different path, what would I become? Haa..I want to involve in broadcasting industry, to become a host or maybe having my own talk show. Haha..totally different from what I'm doing right now. But who inspires me? Tadaaa:

Ryan Secrest

I really wanna be like Ryan Secrest, hosting American Idol & as a Radio DJ as well. He's very talented as a host and he even has his own entertainment company. Cool isn't it? I wish I were like him. Tapi cakap on stage pun gigil2 & english pun terabur, ada hati nak jadi cam dia. Hehe..another person whom I wish to become is...

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris! Owh, he's very talented actor/comedian. He can act, sing, hosting & even do magic. He has been hosting quite a number of big events such Tony Award, Emmy Award, TV Land Award & World Magic Award. He also performed in most of the events he hosted and also including opening of Academy Award recently. Damn he's good. Well, most of American or western actors are talented besides acting. what about Malaysian? Do I have anyone that I wish to become like one? Yeah, I did have one. And he is...

Ally Iskandar

Ally Iskandar! Haha..he's one of the talented host in Malaysia. He's hosting MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini) and hosted AJL (Anugerah Juara Lagu) for few times. He even got his own talkshow which is Ally. Actually I want to become more like him because he's educated and talented at the same time. Not most of the host in Malaysia, merapu je lebih. I like to host something that 'berilmiah' like MHI and at the same time, involves in entertainment business. You might be wondering, how about other figures like Aznil Nawawi or AC Mizal? Yeah, they also a good & talented host but I don't want to become like them. Haha..I wanna become a sempoi, funny & charismatic host if I could la; and be able to make jokes & make people laugh while I'm hosting & yet being respected by others at the same time.

Well, tu just my angan-angan jela kan. Surely I won't become like one. I'll stick to engineer kot. More stable career and hopefully one day I can have my own company. InsyaAllah.. =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A week plus of my Sem break~

Salam & good day to all~

Huhu..I am now back in UTP, after only a week plus of the semester break which suppose to be 2 months. Haha..memang dah nasib badan, since 1st year lagi I don't have a complete 2 months sem break, longest would be a week plus only. Giler rasa cam loser jer. Haha..dulu busy dengan events, sekarang dgn FYP lak. Haihh,pasrah jela. So,my so called 'sem break' was a bit packed with few things happened unexpectedly. I went back home on the 2nd June and arrived safely at home in the afternoon around 12 o'clock laa. But around 6 p.m, got a call from my mum saying that my grandpa passed away. So, me & my family straight away went to my dad's hometown at Maran, Pahang for my grandpa's funeral. Sampai kampung agak lambat gak la, around 11 p.m. Sampai-sampai je terus solat jenazah & kebumi malam tu gak. So, I would like for all my muslim readers to sedekah Al-Fatihah to my late grandpa. Al-Fatihah..

So, kenduri arwah diadakan for 3 nights in a row and the best thing was we all cooked & prepared everything among my dad's siblings. Dah rasa macam raya plak sebab ramai-ramai kumpul. Walaupun dalam mood berkabung tapi I would say, I did enjoy working together with all my aunts, uncles & cousins. Meriah la jugak dengan cousin yg still kecik-kecik lagi kan. Diorg bukan tau sgt pun, asal jumpa keje nak main je. Huhu..

Then, after that, my family went to Setiu, Terengganu for a family vacation. Actually bukan la vacation sgt since my dad actually ada keje kat sana. Tapi dah alang-alang tu, jadi kan la vacation since ktorg stay kat Sutra Beach Resort & Spa. Memang exactly kat tepi pantai, memang terbaik. Pantai dia memang nice la tapi bilik and makanan kat sana kureng sket la. Haha..but anyhow, I did enjoy staying there. Dah lama tak merasa lepak2 tepi pantai sambil layan blues. Hehe..

So after 3 days 2 nights kat sana, we all went back home lah. As usual la, I did nothing at home except sleeping, eating & watching TV. Haha..I also bought my desired camera, Canon Ixus 130 last Thursday at BB Plaza. The price? Just let it be my secret la ye, don't wanna brag here. Hehe..on that day sempat gak tengok movie sepam dgn Fit. Ktorg tgk citer The A-Team. Best oo citer tue, action + klakar la. Memang worth it la tengok. Yg lagi klakar nyer, time beli ticket wayang tue, aku dgn slamba nyer cakap dgn yakin nyer kat akak kaunter tue, "Kak, nak 2 tiket citer Team-A" & akak tue pun dgn slamba bg la tiket tue. After a while, baru aku sedar yg aku salah cakap, patot nyer A-Team tapi aku pegi cakap Team-A plak. Haha..

Synopsis: "The A-Team" follows the exciting and daring exploits of Hannibal Smith and his colorful team of former Special Forces soldiers who were set up for a crime they did not commit. Going "rogue," they utilize their unique talents – and eccentricities – to try and clear their names and find the true culprit.

Then last Monday, I came back to UTP to do my FYP until the new sem started perhaps, depending if the experiment ran smoothly. Doa-doakan la yer. Nak cuti lagi, tak puas duduk rumah. Haha..

p/s: sekarang musim durian, so memang skrg in the mood of eating durian. entry maybe I'll write a bit on World Cup, which teams I support since skrg tgh demam bola kan. Hehe..