Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello Abu Dhabi~

Salam & Hi to all..

Just a quick update. As you all know, I'll be departing to Abu Dhabi tonight at 9.05 p.m by Qatar Airways from KLIA.

I'm so excited to go there for a week and I really hope that I've the chance to visit around Abu Dhabi & Dubai once I'm there. Hehe..ramai la jugak yg dah 'book' souvenir from me. InsyaAllah, aku try beli as many souvenirs as possible for you guys with my 'tight' budget nie. Yela, belum start keje lg kan, so jgn expect souvenir yg gempak2 yer kawan2. Even my sister siap tempah jubah dr sana & my mom plak nak rantai or gelang dr sana. Haiyoo, celah mana nak cari yer?? Haha..

Just nak bgtau la the itinerary of my flight. It will be a 7 hrs flight (omaigod, sah2 la jet leg aku nnt) from KLIA to Doha, Qatar (which will be 1 hr transit before reaching Abu Dhabi), so tentatively should arrive in Doha around 11.50 p.m (nmpk mcm kejap kn tp kul 11.50 tu actually waktu kt Doha, time difference dlm 4,5 jam cmtu). Lepas tu from the, the flight to Abu Dhabi will depart at 1.05 a.m and should arrive Abu Dhabi International Airport at 3.05 a.m (just 1 hr flight tp sbb time diffenrence, nmpk mcm 2 hrs). Whoah, journey paling lama that I'll ever have. Hoho..

From the airport, there'll be a pick up for us (owh from Malaysia, there'll 5 of us including me) to Middle East & Asia Learning Centre (MLC) which is owned by Schlumberger & also will be the place that I'm going to stay for a week for the induction course. So, bye2 Malaysia, see u on the 30th!

Wish me a safe journey, pergi & balik~ =)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Abu Dhabi & the Special Gifts

Salam to all...

ok,last update was on 19 Sept 2010 and as for today, genap la 4 bulan blog nie bersawang tanpa any update. Bukan takde cerita nak update (byk je actually) tp mood nak menulis tu tak dtg2. Susah jgk yer kalo jd blogger yg ikut mood nie. Haha..tak perlu la kan nak update semua cerita2 4 bulan lepas, cukup la nak share something that happened recently. As most of you know, I'll be going to Abu Dhabi this Friday (21 Jan 2011, 9.05 p.m by Qatar Airways) for a week as I'll start to work with Schlumberger as a Field Engineer very soon. So as a new hire, the company will send for induction course for a week before we started working at our location (mine will be in Labuan)..

as I'm about to start to work, I received 2 special gifts from my senior & my best friend. Both are branded shirts which cost 3 digits per shirt (means more than rm100 la) which I never had before in my life. Yela, dulu as a student, mane la nak beli baju mahal2 kan. Kalo yg mahal pun, mesti ade discount 50 - 70%! Haha..tak mampu weh nak beli dgn duit scholar rm600 sebulan (nak byr duit hostel lg dgn duit tu).

Alhamdullilah, syukur sgt rasa bila ade org hadiah kan. To show them my appreciation, so I put it in my blog la. Entry nie bukan nak menunjuk-nunjuk ok!

eh,panjang la pulak mukadimah nyer (yela,dah b'bulan2 x update kn~). so, the 1st one was given by my senior, Lutfy (he's ex-UTP & currently working with Slb as well in Saudi Arabia). He 'belanja' me a Topman shirt when we went out together last Friday at KLCC & Pavilion. Thank you so much for the shirt & the lunch treat at Chilli's~

the second gift was given by my best friend, Haiqal whom I've known since Form 1 back in 2001 at MRSM Pendang. at 1st nak teman dia pergi beli iPhone4 je kat KLCC tp out of stock. but then he treated me Nasi Biryani for lunch & gave me an Armani Exchange t-shirt. owh lupa, his mom also made a very tasty & delicious Bubur Durian. thanks a lot Haiqal!

so,just a quick update for today. InsyaAllah I will try to update more on my experience in Abu Dhabi & Dubai on my next post. until then, take care guys~ =)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

when I meet Mr. Camera~

Salam & Hi to all~

Hurm, it has been ages I haven't updated this blog. Sorry, just not in the mood to update this blog for the past couple of months. So for this entry, just want to share some of my recent pic (from August to September). So enjoy~

Haha..all of the pics were taken because of my recent addiction to DSLR! Must get one for myself once I work next year. Hehe..will update again later yaa~ =)

Monday, July 12, 2010

the End of World Cup 2010...

Salam & good day to all...

As we all know, the 2010's World Cup has come to the end and Spain is crowned as the 'Champion' for this year's edition. Well, one of my fav. teams wins it (recall from my previous post, I supported England, Germany, Spain & Netherlands). Congrats La Roja & to the Orange's supporters, please don't be so devastated for the lost coz your team did very well and it's just a matter of luck that Spain got the very last minute goal..

Champion of 2010's World Cup: Spain

For this year's World Cup, there is 1 player that caught my attention which is Thomas Muller from Germany.
Thomas Muller

Well, he's such a young talented player that scores 5 goals through out the tournament which leads him to win the 'Adidas Golden Boot' as well as 'Hyundai Best Young Player'. He's just 20 years old (even I'm older than him!!) and a very good prospect for Germany for the other tournaments ahead~

Now since the World Cup has ended, I need to go back to my 'dearest' FYP. Oh, can't wait for this FYP to finish. God, please make it finish ASAP coz it's torturing me!!!! Huhu..

P/s: will update some pics of Redang later.. =)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hotel City Craze~

Salam & good day to all~

How are you my dear friend? Hope everything is alright la ye. Ok,entry kali nie is about one game that currently I'm playing on Facebook. I'm a bit addicted to this game actually since Lut introduced me (or should i say 'forced' me) to this game. Nama game ni adalah Hotel City. Hehe..

Game nie boleh tahan best gak lagi-lagi kalau ada member lain yg main (the more the merrier). Well basically, game nie is about building & managing a hotel la. Korg boleh decorate hotel korg as per your creativity and design hotel korg in many form. Tak semesti nyer in square shape like mine. It's up to your creativity laa.

Yg best nyer lagi, ada background utk di'unlock' by collecting items. Items tu either korg jumpa kat hotel korg or hotel org lain or korg boleh gak suruh member korg send item tu kat korg. So far, I managed to unlock all teh background. Hehe..jenuh gak ler paksa member-member main game nie. It is fun and you guys should try to play it~

This is how my hotel looks like~ =)

These are my friends that playing the game~

Game nie tema dier, "Sharing is Caring" coz korg boleh share points, items or money with your friends. Hehe..

p/s: will be going for a vacation at Pulau Redang next week, insyaAllah.. =)

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Salam & good day to all...

Hm, since nak habis belajar nie (1 more sem to go!!), rasa rindu plak dgn member-member sekolah dulu especially time kat MRSM Jasin. After almost 15 years of studying, it will soon come to the end (if aku tak sambung Master & PhD la). Penat jugak study nie eh, 15 tahun aku belajar (formally) non-stop hokayy!! Bangga giler and alhamdulillah, byk kejayaan yg aku dah kecapi. Thanks to all my teachers & lecturers~

InsyaAllah, I'll be meeting few of my friends yg balik bercuti from oversea. Looking forward for the souvenirs guys!!! mentioned in previous post/entry, there'll be a reunion with my ex-PUM mates kat Melaka. InsyaAllah, ktorg akan singgah MRSM Jasin to do some sharing with the juniors there (it's time for us to give back something to the school rite?). I got few old pics of me & my friends (time kat sekolah dulu-dulu) to share. Jejom tengok jom~

my ex-classmates, 405/505 in memory~

my ex-BWP mates~ =)

pic after graduation~

last paper of SPM 2005~

Besides my ex-schoolmates, I also miss the people who I used to work with during my internship in Schlumberger Labuan. Oh, walaupun Labuan tu memang tak best, tapi there are some good memories I had when I was there. Ingat lagi biler mula-mula sampai, rasa lonely sgt sebab takde member. Tapi lama-lama biler dah get along with all the people there, macam-macam ktorg buat such as karaoke, main paintball, BBQ, lepak-lepak tepi pantai, open house, birthday celebration & many more. Lagi tersentuh bila some of them even asked me, bila nak datang balik kat Labuan tu. Huhu..sangat-sangat terharu ye biler ada org cam rindu kat kita. Hehe..

~Schlumberger Completions Labuan~

with some of the friends that I met there..

paling dirindui, the Penghulu Tuah Boys a.k.a
my housemates for 8 months! =)

Huhu..memang sedih biler terkenang kisah-kisah dulu. Entah kenapa lately mood rindu tu selalu dtg. Hmm,really miss the old time. Kan best kalo ada mesin masa, just nak tengok balik je masa-masa dulu. Ok, enough writing coz I might be 'crying' as the more I write.

p/s: rindu gak kat member-member yg pernah keje sekali time join event kat UTP nie such as ConvoFair, TEC, CASFUMAL & CPW.. =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Singapore & Rumah Bola~

Salam & good day to all~

Ok, entry kali nie ada 2 cerita that I would like to share (erk,takde la cerita sgt pun). sebelum nie aku dah cerita about my vacation plans with my friends. Alhamdulillah, tiba-tiba mcm murah rezeki kali nie, so insyaAllah bulan September nie aku akan ke Singapore! Hooray..

This is a plan made with Lut & Ridhwan. So I'll be going to Singapore with them and we plan to take a train to go there! Haha..and kat sana nanti, ktorg just tour by MRT je kot. Tempat yg paling ingin dilawati would be the Universal Studio!! Yg lain-lain tu cam biasa la, Sentosa Island and mana-mana yg Lut nak bawak pegi (since dia dah pernah pegi sana). So excited & can't wait to go there!! Owh, kena buat passport dulu before pegi sana. Hehe..

Universal Studio, here I come~ =)

So, the next story lak pasal Rumah Bola. Pelik tapi benar. Since sekarang nie demam World Cup, so macam-macam benda pelik pasal bola nih. Ada sorg mamat Australia nih (Adam Santarossa), tinggal dalam rumah bola sepanjang berlangsung nyer World Cup.

Yang best nyer, event nie Adidas yang buat. So fully sponsored by Adidas la. Best jugak la sebab ada cleaner, laundry, PS3, laptop & he even got some money (USD 2,600) for doing this plus some goodies from Adidas. Best nyer, I wish I have this so-called 'house'. Kerja mamat nih just watch all the matches, tweeting, writing blogs and playing video game. Oh,such a heaven!!

P/S: Tiba-tiba rindu kat ex-schoolmates sebab will be meeting some of my friends yg balik cuti from oversea, plus ada reunion soon. Hehe.. =)