Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Welcome back to myself~


It has been a very longgg time (around 5 month I think~) since the last post. Yeah, I had been very busy for the past 5 month with an event called T.E.C = Technology, Education & Career. I was the Project Manager of this event plus being a 3rd Year student with a lots of projects and assignments. Well, it's the nature of a student I guess. Owh, not to forget, the internet in UTP was damn slow (until now,it has been better). Not only giving us trouble in surfing the internet, we couldn't even do research for our projects or assignments. Our students used to call UTP as Universiti Tenet Perlahan.'s match rite? But lately,the connection was getting better. Thank god but you what,we just came to the end of the semester. Now we're in study week. So,what's the point of having faster connection during this time?? (perhaps to encourage the students not to study?? Hehehe..) And paling menyakitkan hati is that,next sem I'm going to do my internship!! Gosh, UTP should fix this problem much earlier. We had this problem since last year.

Ok,enough for the internet thingy. As I mentioned before, next semester, I'll be doing my internship for 8 months (very long time rite??). Alhamdulillah, I got the offer from Schlumberger for my internship placement. For those who are not in Oil & Gas industry, you might find that Schlumberger is a funny name rite? Yes, indeed. I also laughed at the 1st time I heard the name. I even pronounced it as "slumbejer". But the fact is,this is the top leading company in providing services for Oil & Gas industry. It's a giant company,based in US and they pay you a lot. Just imagine, for internship, they pay me $350 = RM1200++ and also provide accommodation & transportation. My pocket money (given by MARA) is approximately around rm600 and plus some money given by Mom around rm200. So total up, I'll be getting around rm2000 during my internship. Wow!!!'s like a salary for some people who have worked for some times. I'm looking forward to start my internship soon (insyaAllah this coming June).