Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CoretanKu : the Present and the Future

Salam to all~

It's been a while since the last time I wrote in my blog. Well,currently I'm still in exam mode. However, I only have one last paper to go which is Reaction Engineering. It's the toughest subject for this semester. I'm hoping that I could do better during the exam. I had done 4 papers before and among fours, I think only two papers that I did well. Another two I would consider just ok la (I'm hoping I'll get at least C+ for those two papers. Hehe..but hopefully B or B+ laa..). So,this week would be the last week of this semester and officially I've completed my 2nd year 2nd sem in UTP. Next year, I'll be in 3rd year 1st sem. Oh gosh,I can't believe it,seriously. I'll be having ETP (Engineering Team Project) where we need to do a project in a group consist of all the Engineering's fields in UTP (Chemical, EE, Civil, Mechanical & Petroleum) and I wonder who will be team mates for the coming ETP. Not to be forgotten, I'll be applying for internship as well for next semester starting February onwards. I'm kinda scared actually since my seniours this semester had so much difficulties in applying for the placement. My target would be Oil & Gas company namely Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, Halliburton or Shell. I hope that I can get a place among those 5 companies that I mentioned just now. But though,the competition is very tough. UTP students are damn good is every aspect and I won't be easy to undergo the intership in those companies. I need to be the best among the best and show them that I have the qualities that they're looking for. And yet,I still think that I need to improve myself a lot and I only have like 2 months from now. I really need to work hard on it and I'll do anything to make sure that I will be doing my internship at those 5 companies especially Schlumberger. I'm like dying to work with them as they have a very great reputation in Oil & Gas industry and they pay a lot u know. Hehe..well,just pray for the best and may the best be with me, insyaAllah~

Friday, November 7, 2008

CoretanKu : Perasaan yg x tenteram


Hmm, xtau nape tp skrg nie rase x tenteram sgt. Nak luah kn kt mmber pn xleh sbb xtau sbb ape x tenteram. Then tibe2 t'pikir la blog yg dh lame x update. So aku pn tulis la. Skrg nie rase mcm something bad will happen or I did something bad tp x perasaan. Buat sume bnda cm serba x kena. Kenape ek? Ya Allah, tenang kan lah hati hamba-Mu ini. Berikan petunjuk dan hidayah kpd ku Ya Allah. Adakah sbb amanah yg diberi nie? Yes,it's a huge responsibility that I need to carry with. Bkn senang nk jadi Project Manager to one of the biggest event in UTP nih. Expectation pun sgt lah tinggi. Aku mmg sgt cuak sebenarnyer. Mane penah jadi PM sebelum nie. Mampu kah aku menjadi PM yg b'wibawa?? Mampukah aku melaksanakan amanah & tggjwb yg diberikn sebaik mungkin?? Mcm yg b'main di fikiran. Dgn pemilihan EC yg x settle lg. Hrp2 1st meeting esok ok la. Harap diorg b'semangat utk melaksanakan TEC nie. Lps tu risau dgn pemilihan committee lg. Hrp2 diorg dpt memilih committee yg bagus2 la. Ke aku nie yg risau t'lebih?? Final exam start Selasa dpn tp aku x study pn sgt. Dok cbuk dgn TEC nie. Yela, selagi x settle,mmg xleh nk study. Even nk tido pn asyik t'pikir2 psl TEC. Boleh kate sume benda yg aku buat, mesti pikir psl TEC. Hrp2 aku leh la control otak aku nie drp asyik t'pikirkn psl TEC nie. Besar betul penangan TEC nie kt aku yeee. Xpela, mungkin nie ujian dr Allah utk aku. Supaya aku lebih tabah & kuat. I need to take everything positively. Walaupun ade few masalah time awal2 Hicom TEC nie dibentuk. Tp biase la tu kan,setiap bnda kt dunia nie mesti ade mslh. From that we'll learn. That's a challenge for me. Skrg aku just buat yg t'baik utk TEC nie dan juga utk final sem nie. Aku berdoa agar aku b'jaya dlm kedua-dua perkara nie. Mungkin bila kita diberi ujian atau ditimpa musibah, kita akan lebih ingat kpd Tuhan. Makna nyer Tuhan sebenar nyer syg kat kita. Dia xnk kita hanyut & lalai dlm hal2 duniawi nie. Setiap kali kita lalai je,dia akan uji kita. Supaya kita ingat kpd-Nya. Tp tidak b'makna org yg tidak lalai itu tidak di uji. Selagi kita b'gelar hamba Allah,selagi itulah Allah akan uji kita dgn pelbagai ujian. Utk menambah & meningkatkan keiamanan serta ketaqwaan kpd-Nya. Aku b'syukur sgt2 sbb aku masih berada di jalan yg benar. Walau pernah suatu ketika,aku terpesong. Tp Allah itu Maha Penyayang. Dia beri aku petunjuk ke jln yg lurus & benar. Itu sume lumrah hidup. When everytime we make a mistake, we must learn from it. People who never made any mistake will not learn anything. Mungkin kita jahil pd masa tu. Yg pasti,kita belajar & cari jln yg betul. Ok la,dah byk aku tulis nie. Ingt nk tulis sikit je. Tp Alhamdulillah,hati aku lebih tenang skrg. Walaupun masih terdapat sedikit kegusaran di hati ni, tp hrp2 ia akan pergi & aku akn jd lebih tenang. InsyaAllah~~

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

CoretanKu : Missing The Old Time~

Salam Aidilfitri to all~

After raya for a week,so today is the time for me to go back to UTP (I already here though). It's like 'tak puas' coz I only beraya for 5 days only. Started at Pahang (my dad's kampung) then I went to Johor and last was at Melaka. Then, I went back home on Sunday. I've to go beraya to few of my friend's houses but since I came back from kampung on Sunday,so I couldn't go to any of the houses. So sad laa... I've promised to few of them and some of them also did ask me to come to their house but I couldn't. Maybe next raya laa,insyaAllah.

Owh,bout the topic of this post,I really missed some of the old time of mine. I do miss my school time, also my raya time when I was younger. When I was at the Komuter station (during my way back home), I saw few secondary students,perhaps form 3 or 4, I think. Then I started to remember my school time,when I was about to go back home for any holidays. I did have few friends from the same area of my hometown. So, all of us took a bus from Melaka Sentral to Seremban, then we took a komuter to UKM. But when I'm in UTP, I don't have any. I do have friends from Selangor or K.L where I normally 'tumpang' their car but they're not in the same area of mine. It's not an issue actually. Just comparing with the old time.

Living as a university student is very tough I think. Even though when I was at school, I really wanted to be at university since some of my seniors said that life in university is so 'bebas'. I do admit it but as we grow older,our responsibilities will be even more compared when we were younger. I need to think of so much things and the obstacles are even tougher. I did think few times that I want to finish my studies as soon as possible and I want to work. But then,when I was at kampung, one of my auties said that, once you've worked, then you will appreciate more on you previous life (during university time) and you wish that you want that life again. Haha.. When I think it back, I started to wonder that, I did wish the same thing when I was in school and the same thing happens right now. I do miss my old time and I do think that my school time is better than now. So,beware of what you wish for as you might regret it. So, I just keep telling to myselt that I need to be grateful of what I have right now.

So now, I need to get back to the reality and stop dreaming. I've lots of things to do right now. I have an assignment to be submitted tomorrow, a presentation on Thusday and a test plus another assigment on Friday. week will be even more busy as more things to do. I'll keep it for the next post then. =P

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Me: Homesick & New Event~

Alhamdulillah, now dah 17 hari kita b'puasa & lg 13 hari je nk raya. Haha..I'm so "homesick" right now. Just imagine,almost 3 month since the last time I went back home. I really miss my home; my family,my room & my TV.,my 'bantal busuk'. InsyaAllah,I'll be going home on the 26th,can't wait to be at home. But there's a price to pay. Haha..before the Raya's holiday, I got 4 lab reports, 3 assignments, 2 test & 2 presentations to be done. Gosh,it'll be a very busy time of me for these 2 weeks. Plus I have joined another 1 event called Career Placement Week 2008 (CPW'08). This event is to help UTP's students in getting their job as well as for interns. We'll be inviting companies to conduct interview during that week (20-24 Oct). For this event, the organizing committees consist of only 9 people; Daus,me,Syu,Skar,Aiza,Acap,Embun,Ridzuan & Aizat. I would say,those people are very good in doing their jobs. Even though it seems like we lack of manpower,but it's not. So far,we're doing great. So guys,keep up the great job. All the best k. Happy fasting to all~

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pictures during CASFUMAL'08

Me standing on the satge~

Delegates of CASFUMAL'08

Preparing towards the kena amek pic lak~

Me & Akmal with the childish both of us~

Those yg jaga Registration for delegates..

Acap, Elmi & Me..but somehow this pic looks so serious.. =P

During the Convention Dinner..weee~

CASFUMAL 2008 - The Gathering of Future Malaysian Leaders

Alhamdulillah, today is the 14th day of fasting. Hope you guys are doing very well. This time post is about one of the event that I've joined during my studies in UTP. It called Career Summit for Future Malaysian Leaders 2008 (CASFUMAL'08). This event was aimed to exposed the so called "Malaysian Future Leaders" (since the participants were among the MPP of higher institutions all around Malaysia) to the real scenario of the career that they'll be facing and the challenges once they become a Leader soon.

We managed to invite 7 corporates figures in Malaysia to share their experiences with the delegates. They were the Vice President of Agilent Technologies, General Manager of Scomi, CEO of AirAsia X, Country President of Motorola, Executive Chairman of Nadicorp and Managing Director of Shell. It was also been officiated by Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, the Minister of Higher Institution. The 2 days convention was held at Pan Pacific KLIA Hotel (the best Airport Hotel in Asia) and been sponsored by Shell (RM 150,000), Scomi (RM 15,000), Motorola (RM 15,000) and Agilent Technologies (RM 6,000).

For this event, I was assigned to be the Head of Corporate Relations - our task was to find the speakers for this convention. Praise to God,this convention was ran smoothly and most of the delegates were satisfied with it (this is the 1st event ever indeed!!). In fact,from 31 October until 2 November 2008,we'll be going to Thailand for our appreciation trip. To all the committee of CASFUMAL'08, hope to see you guys in Thailand soon. Thailand,here we come!! Sawadikap~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I need to CHANGE!!!

Salam to all readers,

Sorry coz I still couldn't upload the pics during Convofair since I still didn't get few of the pics from my friends yet..but hope I can upload it soon..

Anyway,from my title above,I want to write something bout myself lately...huhu...I think I've found a new place to express my feelings+emotions+problem etc which is my blog~ yesterday and a day before,I had 2 test; Safety on Tue & ProbStat on Wed...I did quite ok la during both test since the questions are ot that difficult...but what I regret most is my attitude...i missed 2 days of terawikh since I'd stayed up to study for the test a day before each test (so at night,I felt sooo sleepy & missed my terawikh)...the worst part was,yesterday I slept for almost 12 hours (from 9 pm to 7 am)...huh,teruk kan??? Then for today,I didn't have any lab and supposedly I do some callings for CPW but again,I slept from 3pm to 6pm...OMG,what's wrong with me...I sleep a lot lately...I know la it's fasting mont but I shouldn't do that right...hmmm...

Well,I pray to God that I could change after more excessive sleeping after this...k guys,I need to get ready for terawikh after this..if you have any advise to me,please leave your comment here..please,I really need it...k,Happy Fasting and all the best~

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's BUSY time~

Assalamualiakum w.b.t. ,

Dear readers,sorry coz dah lame x update this blog. I was (still am) busy to update this blog. Plus,dgn masalah internet UTP nie yg cukup menguji kesabaran (sgt lah lmbt yer internet kat UTP nie,nak update blog pun susah). Now I'm using wireless at my room,plus I have time to update the blog. But yet,don't expect me to update this blog everyday la..I'll try to post something at least once a week..

Sedikit tazkirah, sedar x sedar,dah seminggu kita berpuasa. Harap2 byk lah ibadah yg kite dh buat yeee. Bulan Ramadhan adalah bulan di mana kite digalakkan utk memperbanyakan ibadah, doa & amal makruf. So,I hope all my muslim's friends out there to fully utilized this opportuniy given by Allah S.W.T. Semoga kita akan menjadi insan yg lebih baik after this,insyaAllah.

Okey,so what I have done this week? Definitely la doing my other rutins; going to lectures,labs, doing assignments bla,bla,bla..Kinda dull actualy my life lately but yet still damn busy. I had 2 test (Process Instrumentation & Chemical Reaction Engineering) last week and I did so bad on those. Seriously very disappointed with that. Yela,my test was just after the Convofair. I didn't have enough time to catch up and cover all the topics for the test (eventhough some of the questions were taken from the assignment & lecture notes). But for this coming week, I got 3 test (the remaining - Separation Process II, Probability & Statistics and Process Safety & Loss Prevention). And yet,I'm still not ready for those. Haiya Anas,wake up la...come on,you need to study very hard k...guys,please advise me on this..hehe..

Ok,it's already 12.30 midnight now. I'm soooo sleepy + tired actualy..I had a 5 hours post-mortem on the morning till evening...but yet it wasn't a bad thing actualy..I already missed my beloved Sponsorship Dept - Aisyah,Shariffah,Syu,Nisa,Pidot,Rahman,Mira & Amaleena. You guys had done a very good job...well done~ On the Monday night,I'll be having a HICOM-EC Postmortem...last year,it took 3 days..I don't la this how..hopefully 1 day would be enough..kinda cuak actually...dunno why...huuuu...

K guys,sorry if my post is kinda bored. After this I'll be uploading few pictures during Convofair 2008 k.. Take care & happy fasting~

(P/S: thanks for those yg keep asking me to update this blog. Sorry ya coz only this time I can post something...appreciate ur support very much~)

Monday, September 1, 2008

1st Sahur on the 1st day of Ramadhan..

This year is my 12th year of fasting in Ramadhan (since I started fasting when I was 7 years old). As always,1st day of fasting mesti la semangat nak bersahur. Last night,after perfoming the Terawikh prayer at the UTP's mosque a.k.a Masjid An-Nur,I spoke to my friends (Eppy & Amzar) that I wanted to cook for the sahur. They kinda shock at 1st. Yela,they thought that I want to cook for the break-fast (berbuka).,around 10.30 p.m, me & Afiq a.k.a Cutez went to Rahmath (one of the mini market in Taman Maju) to buy few stuff for us to cook. But then Eppy & Amzar joined us since Amzar hasn't taken his diner yet. So,after shopped all the necessary things (beras,ikan bilis,bawang outih & merah,telur,cili giling,kicap etc),we had a supper at Salam (but for Amzar it was a dinner).

Then,around 1.30 a.m, me,Afiq & Eppy watched 'Kekasihku Seru',just for 1 episode only (seram kot,dah la tgh2 pagi buta - eventhough it says that semua setan kena rantai time bulan puasa but still seram gak!!). So,around 4.45 a.m, I woke up (due to Eppy's alarm - lagu Please Don't Stop The Music tue~) and started to prepare for the sahur. Just imagine,around 5 a.m,we had a blackout!! O.M.G,I was damn worried since nasi x masak lagi kot. But thank God,after 5 minutes,we have the electricity back,huh~ Then we started to cook la,just a simple2 one - telur dadar,sosej goreng & sambal tumis. It was good actually since nasi yang aku masak 2 pot abes & all the lauk pun abes gak. So kire ok la tu kan. Hehe..then,after sahur,we watched again 'Kekasihku Seru' for 3 episodes and then we continued sleeping~

1st time blogging~


1st of all,happy fasting to all readers. Yeah,I started to have my 1st blog on the 1st day of Ramadhan. Hope it will get some 'keberkatan'. Anyway,this is my 1st time blogging. I'm really new on this,lots to learn. Previously,I just read some of my friends' blogs. It looks interesting though. That's when I started to feel that I should have one soon. Then when I woke up this morning,the 1st thing that pop up into my mind is to have a blog. sounds funny+weird rite?? Nevermind,I'll try to enjoy writing in this blog. Try to let other people to know what's happening in my life & what I've been through. Even though I think that I don't have much of interesting stories or experiences to be shared or writen but I'll try to keep my blog fun & enjoyable while you're reading. Gosh,I couldn't stop writing. My hand is just keep on typing and I've lots of things to tell about. But I think I need to keep it short as it might look boring to read all those words that I wrote. But don't worry,I'll put few pictures soon. Actually I'm planing to share to all of you bout what I've involved into during my studies in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) - some might not know where I'm studying now. Okey,enough for now. But after this I'll be posting lots of things (I promise!!!). Thanks for those who're willing to read my blog. =)