Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Dinner & A Goodbye...

Salam to all..

Tadi around pukul 5.30 ptg camtu, I got a call from Elly. She was asking me to go out for dinner at Mawilla (not only me la, together with Jamal, Zaini & Kamal but Zaini didn't join us). So, four of us had a dinner at 7 o'clock. FYI, Mawilla is a place where they serve seafood. So kalau datang Labuan, mesti singgah k since masakan diorg memang la terbaekk~ We had 'Ketam Masak Telur Masin' , 'Ikan Goreng Pedas' , 'Butter Milk Prawn' , 'Telur Dadar' , 'Baby Kailan with Osyter Sauce' & 'Fish Soup'. Memang terbaek la all the foods and thanks to Kamal for treating us all tonight.

the foods that we had! delicious~~

my plate~ =D

Ok, this week also, my segment; Completions is having 2 people transferring out to other location which are Ms. Premjit Gill & Mr. Wesley Attkinson. Premjit is a RMC Field Engineer in Labuan but will be going to be a Resevoir Engineer for DCS in K.L. Meanwhile, Wesley is a SMS Field Engineer and is transferring to Houston, Texas as a Sustaining & Development Engineer. Both of them have been a very good friend of mine here in Labuan. Prem is like my big sister here since she helped me a lot especially when I was in RMC before (i'll be missing her a lot!! sob3x..). Wesley is my 1st American friend (i would say) and he also had taught me a lot on SMS stuff (even though sometimes he was quite annoying. =P). To both of them, I wish you guys all the best for your new job at your new location. Hope to see you guys soon. Thanks for everything, Prem & Wes!! =)

Wesley & Premjit

Me, Them & the Durianzz...

Olla & good day to all~

I don't know why my recent posts were all about food. that why i gained Xkg after 6 months in Labuan? ( wonder laa~ =P). But yesterday, when i reached the office, Amy mentioned about my karipap. She was asking did i really make the karipap by my own (motip pandang rendah kt trainee? Haha..). And there were also Elly, Kamal & Rao sitting at thier own cubicle. So we were like then discussing to have a picnic later at the evening. So Elly was like really wanting to eat my karipap (she even dreamed about it. haha..). So we made our decission to have durian & karipap at the beach at 4 o'clock.

But since now is a raining season and apparently the sky looked like about to rain yesterday's evening, so they changed the plan. They bought durians & cempedak to be eaten at my house @ Penghulu Tuah. So again, we just had a small 'picnic' at my house. Owh, I served them my last stock of the home-made karipap to them (which about 5 pieces left! =P) & we also had cempedak goreng! Nyummy~~

the durian, cempedak & karipap we had~

see how delicious the durian is! =D

the cempedak! terbaekk~

chef of the day. =P

Kamal menunjukkan kekuatan nyer
membelah durian..

them; Elly, Kamal & Amy..

me & Jamal enjoying the durian/cempedak~

muka - muka kepuasan~ =D

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Me & the Karipap..

Salam & good day to all~

Ok, it has been 2 week since my last post in this blog (referring to Karl's blog) . So, my blog a bit bersawang la. I was quite busy lately & plus got no mood to update this blog (where did the mood go?? Hmm..). Ok la, last Saturday i was making karipap ayam & spaghetti. But of course, the karipap ayam is the main highlight here since it's not easy to make one (owh,it's not a normal karipap btw, i made karipap pusing). Actually i did it once two weeks before but it's kinda like a trial version of karipap. So for the 2nd time, i made some adjustment from the one i had before to make it better la.

the karipap pusing that I made..

me frying the karipap~

the karipap are ready to eat!! =D

Last Saturday also, the SMS (Sand Management Services) guys were planning to have a picnic at Layang-Layangan Beach and watching the sunset! Unfortunately,it was raining that evening. So we had to cancel the plan and go to plan B. Hehe..instead of having picnic at the beach, we had a so-called 'small picnic' at my house @ Penghulu Tuah. So, Pak Asep bought us all KFC with some drinks (thanks Pak!!) and I served them my home-made karipap. We watched a movie also that night which was Hot Fuzz.

from left: Airil, me, Jamal, Airin & Hung
(not in the photo: Pak Asep & Zaini)

the foods we had..


model iklan Coke~ haha..=P

p/s: tonite gonna have Completions Dinner at Grand Dorsett Hotel!! Owh ya, a bit sad since Premjit & Wesley are going to leave Labuan very soon. Gonna miss both of them & thanks a lot Prem + Wes for all the teaching..=)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back-to-back Birthday Celebration~

Salam & good day to all...

Last Wednesday (21 October 2009) was my beloved mentor's birthday (her name is Agnes Tan). So,we the Completions people were planning a surprise party for her. Also, a day after, after touched by our surprise party, she bought us a dinner at Fisherman Restaurant (where all the foods were supremely delicious! Haha..hyperbola cket. =P).

this is her, not the koala k! (pic taken from her FB~)

So,back to the surprise party, the master plan were Premjit, Airin & Elly (the Lady Engineer trio). They planned to surprise her during the night. Plan nyer adalah, ktorg beramai - ramai from Prem's house bwk birthday cake tunggu depan pintu and as she wants to go out, ktorg dah tercegat kat depan pintu and say "Surprise!!". That was the plan lah. Tapi biasa la,kita hanya mampu merancang tp tuhan yg menentukan (sesuai ke? boley la...). Nama pun org Malaysia kan,plan tu suppose to be at 7.30 p.m tapi since mostly dtg lambat, so tak jadi la nak ikut plan asal tuh (but me, Jamal, Zaini & Kamal dtg awal ye,tp kul 7.40 la. Hehe..thanks to Kamal for picking us up walaupun kete Kancil dia mcm nak roboh. =P). So since Agnes pun dah nak keluar,last2 ktorg yg ada time tu menyorok kat bilik bawah rumah Elly (also Agnes' & Airin's house) with the cake. Nasib baik la bilik tu ada control panel utk letrik rumah tu,so ktorg pun black-out kan rumah tu and with the cake, all of us went out from the room and together sang the Birthday's song to her (agak menjadi la supprise tu walaupun semua dah kelam kabut since Agnes dah nak keluar mkn dah time tue,dia dah bukak pintu dah pun pastu tiba2 black-out kn. Hehe..). Owh,we had KFC & Pizza Hut for the party. Nyummy~~

us, walking for the surprise~

the cake, small but meaningful~

happy besday Agnes~ =D
(how come u Hasfia wat tanduk kt aku! ceh..)

all of us; a big happy family~ =)

the pic taken from the stairs (kinda like this photo~ sweet!!)

again, me & baby Hariz (but he was quite moody that night. sigh~)

Ok, title pun dah back-to-back kan. So of course la ada 2 ceritas. a day after, Agnes pun treat us all a dinner. It was my 1st time eating at the Fisherman Restaurant even though byk org yg ckp restaurant tu best. She booked 2 tables for us and we had a very good foods that night (some of the foods we had kinda rare and only Labuan has it~). Thanks to Mazlan for picking us up from the house (and hantar blk obviously~). Among yg dtg mlm tu adalah : me (obviously lah!! perlu ke mention? =P), Jamal, Zaini, Agnes, Kamal, Airil, Mazlan, Airin, Husna, Premjit, Aleng, Amy, Elly, Hasfia, Hung (the Vietnamesse guy), Pak Asep, Ruby, Fatimah & Jennie (owh,what a list~). Yg penting, all of us went back home with a full stomach. =D

besar punya!! Haha..=P

this is what they call "Sata" - family of lobster & prawn

me enjoying all the foods~ terbaek boh!!

the other table~

me, still eating. since aku trainee, so diorg suruh aku abes kan semua makanan tuh (motip!?)~

p/s: thanks to my housemates for cooking the dinner tonite. diorg suruh aku relax since I was cooking for them in 2 nights. the foods were delicious though. Cheers~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My 1st cooking in Labuan...

Salam to all~

Yeah,at last,setelah sekian lama menunggu,akhir nyer dapur rumah aku dah ada gas. What does it mean? It's cooking time!!! after like 4 months without cooking a single food (maggie is an exception~), me and my housemates (Jamal & Zaini) pun memasak la semalam. Ape yg kitorg masak? Just a simple one; telur masak kicap & sambal ikan bilis. Ok la tu kan,mula2 masak la simple2 je. Next time leh masak something yg complicated sket (si Zaini suh aku masak tomyam. Reti kah aku??).

Nak di jadikan cerita,balik je dari kerja semalam; aku, Jamal & Zaini pun berjalan la ke kedai utk membeli brg2 dapur (eh,pegi naik van,blk yg jln kaki. Hehe..). As usual lah,aku la yg act mcm 'mak' & diorg mcm 'anak' (walaupun aku lg muda dari diorg. =P)! Haha..aku yg pikir ape nak beli & diorg tukang angkat brg2 tu. Ngehehe..brg yg ktorg beli antara nyer; kicap, sos, bawang, kunyit, cili etc (byk sgt nk list out~ =P). tapi total sume2 ada la dlm rm30++,ktorg share duit sikit2. Blk je dari membeli,start la sesi masak - memasak bersama Chef Anas. Jamal & Zaini tolong2 je, aku suh la diorg tolong kopek bawang & kentang sementara aku prepare benda lain. Walaupun mula2 aku rasa cam agak nervous since dah lama tak masak,tapi lepas diorg makan masakan aku, Alhamdulillah, licin sume pinggan.,nak masak plak ek lepas nih? =P

inilah hasil nyer yg tak seberapa~ =D

p/s: hari nie actually agak down since something happened kat office tapi tabah kan jela hati aku nie. Biasalah, manusia kan... Yg penting,mlm nie ada "supprise party" for my beloved mentor, Agnes Tan! So,jom kita enjoy~ =D

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Karaoke sampai Lebam!!

Hi there guys..

Yesterday, I had a 2nd review (after I did bad during my 1st review. Sobbing~) with the RMC people and some CC & SMS guys. Alhamdulillah, after the presentation, the feedback was pretty good. Even some said it was the best presentation ever had by a trainee (soo happy~ =D). So after the review, I went for lunch with Najib & Fitri at Deen Restaurant (thanx to Najib for paying us the lunch~).

Then time malam plak, Syukri called Jamal utk ajak ktorg gi karaoke & dinner skali. So he picked us up at our house and went to Mary Bite for dinner (tapi since aku & Jamal dah dinner kat rumah,both of us just had a drink there). Owh,turut serta dgn ktorg mlm tu adalah Elly, Hasfia, Airil, Airin & Haslan. After dinner,we went to 129 for karaoke!! Since mlm weekend,so mmg susah gler la nak cari parking. Ktorg bape kali round area tu nak cari parking (leh abes minyak sbb nak cari parking je. Haha..). So,around 9.30 p.m camtu ktorg pun karaoke la. 1st song yg aku nyanyi mlm tu was "Menghapus Jejakmu by Peter Pan". Then the night goes on la dgn mcm2 lagu lg. Around 10++ p.m camtu; Kamal, Yusri & Najib join ktorg. Hah,biler diorg dah join, mmg terus mcm nak pecah la bilik karaoke tu. Mmg lyn lagu rock jela pastu (so aku pun nyanyi la Sedang Ingin Bercinta by Dewa & You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi). Diorg mmg kalau karaoke,tak hingat dunia (sume stok giler2 je. Hehe..). Since diorg mostly nyanyi lagu2 rock lame (even ade lagu yg aku sendiri tak pernah tahu. Hoho~),so mmg tarik sampai hilang suara la aku mlm tuh. around 1 o'clock camtu,ktorg pun blk la. Anyway, I enjoyed to the fullest last night (lame seh tak karaoke dgn member2~).

p/s: pictures will be uploaded later la since kena amek dari Syuk dulu. Cheers~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Completions Open House terbaek~~

Salam & good day to all..

Actually nak tulis this post last night tapi mood plak takde since didn't feel like writing last night. So,lepas balik dari keje arini,tiba2 dtg mood plak kan nak tulis (walaupun byk benda nak buat nih). Pada tanggal 11 October 2009 (hari Ahad), Schlumberger Completions Labuan telah mengadakan open house sempena bulan Syawal yg mulia nie (pergh,gler skema intro aku nih. Haha..). But the best part is,ktorg semua distribute task for the open house. Kira most of us contribute something la (tapi tak semua yee). So, among the contributors were:

Elly+Airin - rendang, kuah kacang, nasi impit & raya cookies
Prem+Fatimah - nasi minyak & ayam masak merah
Amy+Aleng - mee hoon goreng ayam
Fitrie+Najib - lemang & rambutan
Hafiz+Kak Anis - nasi lomak & ayam goreng rempah (yg mmg terbaek lah)
Anas+Kamal+Jay - fruit punch, soft drinks, fruits & chips
- plates, cups & chicken salad

Open house tu di buat di Lot 7, Lazenda 1 at 1.00 pm. But just imagine,team yg sepatut nyer menyediakan pinggan+cawan dtg lmbt tapi org dah start dtg. Mmg menggelabah lah ktorg time tue. Nasib baik la rumah Elly tu ada some plates & cups. Kalo tak,mmg kena mkn atas daun pisang ler jawab nyer. Haha..tapi ape2 pun,open house tu berlangsung dgn jaya nyer & we had a lot of funs that time (despite of me being bullied to be a waterboy that day. Hehe..).

So,here are some pictures during that day:

See how many the foods were? nyum3x~

Jemput2 masuk~ =P

10 men + 1 boy (aku ler tue~ =P)

even the Vietnamese, Egyptian & American also came~

the big happy family~ =)

as usual lah,me with baby Hariz. Hehe..

p/s: i'm getting busy lately. got lots of work to do (readings+presentation). so i might stop writing in this blog until i'm free a bit laa. Hehe..Cheers~

Thursday, October 8, 2009

in Remembrance of my Nike shoe…

Salam & good day to all~

Ok,this post is kinda back-dated one. I lost one of my Nike shoe time aku beraya kat umah sedara aku kat Senggarang, Johor. Masih ku ingat tarikh keramat itu (cewah!!) iaitu pada pagi 23 September 2009 (hari Selasa), when one of my shoes was stolen by a dog!! Ade ke patut anjing tu amek sebelah je, pastu stokin yg ada dlm kasut tu dia tak nak amek plak tuh,kasut je dia amek (reminder: stokin tu baru di pakai ye,ia tidak berbau seperti yg disangka. harap maklum.) So,mmg sgt la sedih aku time tu. yela, kasut yg berharga rm200++ (time aku beli tu la) dgn duit aku sendiri & aku mmg suka gler la kasut tu. Walau bagaimanpun, kehilangan kasut tu tidak melemahkan semangat aku utk beraya hari tuh. Haha..raya tetap raya beb. But a night before, aku memang nak letak kasuk tu dlm kereta ayah aku tapi entah kenapa,aku tak buat camtu & letak kasut tu kat luar rumah sedara aku. Tup,tup je, keesokan hari nyer,kasut aku dah hilang sebelah (if only i did that,my Nike shoes will still be here ). But anyway,nie bukan kes yg pertama seumpama nya kat rumah sedara aku tu. Mmg dah ramai sedara2 aku yg lain penah hilang kasut / selipar kat umah dia (even mak aku pun penah hilang kasut dia ok!). So nak buat camne kan,pasrah jela.

During raya dgn Haiqal & Afiq (a.k.a Cutez), aku pun beli la sepasang kasut Nike baru utk menggantikan kasut yg hilang tu. Still,aku rase kasut lama aku tu lagi smart dari kasut yg aku baru beli tu. Haha..

kasut yg baru ku beli dgn harga rm149 @ Al-Ikhsan, Alamanda, Putrajaya

Akan tetapi,despite of having a new shoe, i still want another one (with a better design la~)., today I went through few websites to check on the Nike Shoes' design that available. So,here are some of the designs that caught my eyes:

But i really fall in love with the last one, which is Nike Air Max 1 which will only be released somewhere next year (haiyoo,what a long wait~). Tapi tak tau la kat Malaysia bila release nyer kan. watch out k to any Nike Boutique or Al-Ikhsan Store out there coz akan ku serang kedai anda anytime!! Muahahaha..

p/s: will be having a Completions Open House this Sunday. Kamal suruh aku buat air & Elly plak suruh aku masak something. Haiyoo,macam mane nih? Tapi yang penting,esok ada review with RMCians & Amy. Wish me luck yee. Cheers~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Celebrating the September's Babies~

Salam & good day to all~

Ok,this is the 3rd day in a row i'm writing in my blog (ntah ler,tiba2 mood nak menulis dtg. kalau tak,sampai berbulan-bulan tak update kan! Hehe..). Btw,last Friday, a bunch of Completions people (not all though) were celebrating the so call "September's Baby" which are Kamal, Airin & Ruby. It was a supprised to them actually (not to them only,org yg dtg pun t'suprise gak since only the organizer je yg tau. Haha..). At 1st, we all wanted to do it at Blue Wave but due to heavy rain, we switched the venue to Mehfil. So,among people yang hadir mlm tu adalah me (obviously,if not i won't be writing this rite!?), Premjit (as the master plan), Husna, Agnes, Iwan, Airil, Haslan, Elly & Najib; besides the 3 people who we were celebrating & tidak ketinggalan,the late comers; Roy & Jennie (tu pun sempat mkn kek je. Ok la tu kan,drp tak mkn pape..).

The so call party supposedly to start at 8 p.m tapi tau2 jela kan, waktu Malaysia,last2 start around 9 p.m. So we had some indian food at the restaurant which were roti Nan, nasi biryani, tandori chicken, prawn massala and some other foods that i couldn't recall (since mostly indian names la. sori..). And for the drinks,we all had a tasty & delicious Mango Lassy (nyum3x. owh,Ruby had Nescafe Ice. motip!?). So after some chit chat, eating & pictures taking, Prem & Husna sorok2 keluar, get the cake and then bagi kat org restoran tu through the kitchen's door. After few minutes, when all people started to settle down a bit, one man came from the kitchen and bring the cake to us. Since ktorg je yg ada dlm restaurant tuh,so tanpa segan dan silu nyer,we sang the birthday song out loud!! Hehe..owh,the cake is like damn delicious k! then as usual, more pictures taking moment until the clock ticks 10.30 p.m. After that,semua org pun cam dah ngantuk & penat,so most of us headed home except for Prem, Jennie, Roy, Iwan & Ruby where they all went to Dorsett for clubbing (biasa lah tu,name pon Schlumberger. =P). Tapi yg pasti, kezutan tu tetap menjadi. Mmg terharu lah diorg. Yeay~

So,these are the fun moment that we had that night :

some of the foods we had. nyummy~

biler la boleh mkn nih?! (muka2 kelaparan..)

the birthday cake! (soo delicious~)

the September's Babies (baby lg ke??)


see how excited we were? what a splendid nite~ =)

hah,tangkap jgn tak tangkap gambar kek itu~

p/s: so sad since my birthday falls on April, where i already finished my internship by that time. takpela,another party to expect from them (a farewell party perhaps? Hehe..=P) Cheers!!