Monday, July 12, 2010

the End of World Cup 2010...

Salam & good day to all...

As we all know, the 2010's World Cup has come to the end and Spain is crowned as the 'Champion' for this year's edition. Well, one of my fav. teams wins it (recall from my previous post, I supported England, Germany, Spain & Netherlands). Congrats La Roja & to the Orange's supporters, please don't be so devastated for the lost coz your team did very well and it's just a matter of luck that Spain got the very last minute goal..

Champion of 2010's World Cup: Spain

For this year's World Cup, there is 1 player that caught my attention which is Thomas Muller from Germany.
Thomas Muller

Well, he's such a young talented player that scores 5 goals through out the tournament which leads him to win the 'Adidas Golden Boot' as well as 'Hyundai Best Young Player'. He's just 20 years old (even I'm older than him!!) and a very good prospect for Germany for the other tournaments ahead~

Now since the World Cup has ended, I need to go back to my 'dearest' FYP. Oh, can't wait for this FYP to finish. God, please make it finish ASAP coz it's torturing me!!!! Huhu..

P/s: will update some pics of Redang later.. =)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hotel City Craze~

Salam & good day to all~

How are you my dear friend? Hope everything is alright la ye. Ok,entry kali nie is about one game that currently I'm playing on Facebook. I'm a bit addicted to this game actually since Lut introduced me (or should i say 'forced' me) to this game. Nama game ni adalah Hotel City. Hehe..

Game nie boleh tahan best gak lagi-lagi kalau ada member lain yg main (the more the merrier). Well basically, game nie is about building & managing a hotel la. Korg boleh decorate hotel korg as per your creativity and design hotel korg in many form. Tak semesti nyer in square shape like mine. It's up to your creativity laa.

Yg best nyer lagi, ada background utk di'unlock' by collecting items. Items tu either korg jumpa kat hotel korg or hotel org lain or korg boleh gak suruh member korg send item tu kat korg. So far, I managed to unlock all teh background. Hehe..jenuh gak ler paksa member-member main game nie. It is fun and you guys should try to play it~

This is how my hotel looks like~ =)

These are my friends that playing the game~

Game nie tema dier, "Sharing is Caring" coz korg boleh share points, items or money with your friends. Hehe..

p/s: will be going for a vacation at Pulau Redang next week, insyaAllah.. =)