Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup 2010: Too many upsets~!

Salam & good day to all...

Well, I hope it's not too late for me to talk about World Cup right since it has been started for more than a week now. This edition of World Cup is a little bit disappointing to me because there were too many upsets from the favorite teams like France, Germany, England, Spain and Italy cause they either lost or ended up draw with disappointed performance. I have this theory laa, since it's being held in Africa which is known with their witches; maybe all the team have been "cast" by the witches due to their poor performance. Haha..

You guys might wonder (if you are lah), which team I support? Normally, each person has 1 favorite team that they support but for me, I got FOUR! Haha..saja nak support team byk2, at least kalau yg 1 kalah, ada team lain yg got through kan. Hehe..let see what are my favorite teams:

England a.k.a The Three Lions

Netherlands a.k.a The Orange



So, those are my favorite teams during this time around World Cup. (How about you guys, which team(s) you support??) But then again, only Netherlands had performed quite well since they won both games in group match while others were quite disappointing. Huhu..well,still hoping for the best for all my teams. =)

Owh, I just watched Toy Story 3 last night and it was GOOD. It's fun & hilarious and worth watching laa. More worth it than watching the World Cup. Haha..ada gak babak yg sedih & rasa cam nak nangis je. Hehe..those who haven't watched it, go get the ticket at the nearest cinema ok! (if you like to watch cartoon/animated movie).


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