Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CoretanKu : the Present and the Future

Salam to all~

It's been a while since the last time I wrote in my blog. Well,currently I'm still in exam mode. However, I only have one last paper to go which is Reaction Engineering. It's the toughest subject for this semester. I'm hoping that I could do better during the exam. I had done 4 papers before and among fours, I think only two papers that I did well. Another two I would consider just ok la (I'm hoping I'll get at least C+ for those two papers. Hehe..but hopefully B or B+ laa..). So,this week would be the last week of this semester and officially I've completed my 2nd year 2nd sem in UTP. Next year, I'll be in 3rd year 1st sem. Oh gosh,I can't believe it,seriously. I'll be having ETP (Engineering Team Project) where we need to do a project in a group consist of all the Engineering's fields in UTP (Chemical, EE, Civil, Mechanical & Petroleum) and I wonder who will be team mates for the coming ETP. Not to be forgotten, I'll be applying for internship as well for next semester starting February onwards. I'm kinda scared actually since my seniours this semester had so much difficulties in applying for the placement. My target would be Oil & Gas company namely Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, Halliburton or Shell. I hope that I can get a place among those 5 companies that I mentioned just now. But though,the competition is very tough. UTP students are damn good is every aspect and I won't be easy to undergo the intership in those companies. I need to be the best among the best and show them that I have the qualities that they're looking for. And yet,I still think that I need to improve myself a lot and I only have like 2 months from now. I really need to work hard on it and I'll do anything to make sure that I will be doing my internship at those 5 companies especially Schlumberger. I'm like dying to work with them as they have a very great reputation in Oil & Gas industry and they pay a lot u know. Hehe..well,just pray for the best and may the best be with me, insyaAllah~


makanan said...

anas..dun worry! ko boley pnye dpt intern kat lima2 kampeni tuh! hoho..btw,makin aktif nmpk blog ko ni ^^,~

nabila said...

anas!!! when the going gets tough,
the tough gets going!!!!

xoxo, beyl :)