Sunday, November 15, 2009

Me, Them & the Durianzz...

Olla & good day to all~

I don't know why my recent posts were all about food. that why i gained Xkg after 6 months in Labuan? ( wonder laa~ =P). But yesterday, when i reached the office, Amy mentioned about my karipap. She was asking did i really make the karipap by my own (motip pandang rendah kt trainee? Haha..). And there were also Elly, Kamal & Rao sitting at thier own cubicle. So we were like then discussing to have a picnic later at the evening. So Elly was like really wanting to eat my karipap (she even dreamed about it. haha..). So we made our decission to have durian & karipap at the beach at 4 o'clock.

But since now is a raining season and apparently the sky looked like about to rain yesterday's evening, so they changed the plan. They bought durians & cempedak to be eaten at my house @ Penghulu Tuah. So again, we just had a small 'picnic' at my house. Owh, I served them my last stock of the home-made karipap to them (which about 5 pieces left! =P) & we also had cempedak goreng! Nyummy~~

the durian, cempedak & karipap we had~

see how delicious the durian is! =D

the cempedak! terbaekk~

chef of the day. =P

Kamal menunjukkan kekuatan nyer
membelah durian..

them; Elly, Kamal & Amy..

me & Jamal enjoying the durian/cempedak~

muka - muka kepuasan~ =D

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