Thursday, November 12, 2009

Me & the Karipap..

Salam & good day to all~

Ok, it has been 2 week since my last post in this blog (referring to Karl's blog) . So, my blog a bit bersawang la. I was quite busy lately & plus got no mood to update this blog (where did the mood go?? Hmm..). Ok la, last Saturday i was making karipap ayam & spaghetti. But of course, the karipap ayam is the main highlight here since it's not easy to make one (owh,it's not a normal karipap btw, i made karipap pusing). Actually i did it once two weeks before but it's kinda like a trial version of karipap. So for the 2nd time, i made some adjustment from the one i had before to make it better la.

the karipap pusing that I made..

me frying the karipap~

the karipap are ready to eat!! =D

Last Saturday also, the SMS (Sand Management Services) guys were planning to have a picnic at Layang-Layangan Beach and watching the sunset! Unfortunately,it was raining that evening. So we had to cancel the plan and go to plan B. Hehe..instead of having picnic at the beach, we had a so-called 'small picnic' at my house @ Penghulu Tuah. So, Pak Asep bought us all KFC with some drinks (thanks Pak!!) and I served them my home-made karipap. We watched a movie also that night which was Hot Fuzz.

from left: Airil, me, Jamal, Airin & Hung
(not in the photo: Pak Asep & Zaini)

the foods we had..


model iklan Coke~ haha..=P

p/s: tonite gonna have Completions Dinner at Grand Dorsett Hotel!! Owh ya, a bit sad since Premjit & Wesley are going to leave Labuan very soon. Gonna miss both of them & thanks a lot Prem + Wes for all the teaching..=)

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