Monday, May 31, 2010

Merdeka?? Another semester to go~

Salam & Good Day to all...

Alhamdulillah, hari nie berakhir nyer my final exam for this semester. Meaning, I'll be having only ONE more semester to go before I completed my degree!! (wow, terasa diri nie dah tua sgt~). For this semester, my final exam timetable was a bit weird la. I had 3 weeks of finals, 1 paper in the first week which was Engineers in Society (EiS), then followed by 3 back-to-back papers (without any interval or even a day break!!) on the second back which were Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Exploration & Human Resource Management. Yes, it was very tiring to answer 3 back-to-back papers without a single day break but I think I did pretty well for those 3 papers (hopefully at least got B+ for any of those). Then, the finishing paper is today, during the third week which was Corporate Communication. The paper was OK I guess. saje jela nak show off my exam timetable supaya korg senang tengok camne kan. =)

So, next semester will be Final Year Final Semester for me. Huh, I'll be the most senior next sem. Wow,another semester before I enter the career world. It feels that I just finished my secondary school yesterday. Time does fly without we notice it. for next semester, I'll be taking either 5 or 6 subjects (since I didn't decide yet to take this 1 subject or not). The subjects are:

Final Year Project II
Final Year Design Project II
Drilling & Production Technology
Operation Management
Malaysian Studies
Facilities Engineering, Transport & Storage

I also will start to job hunting next semester. Yikes, this part is the scariest part I think. Job hunting, sounds scary right. Tak tau what would be my fate, dapat ke tak my dream job. Huhu..will try to apply as many company as possible.

But my main target would be Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Shell or Halliburton. To some of you, you guys might be wondering what kind of company is that??? Haha..basically, I have deep interest in Oil & Gas industry, thus all the mentioned companies are Oil & Gas companies which 3 of them are service provider. I prefer that kind of company cause they provide more hands-on as compared to office job (which I don't really like cause it's BORING!!) and of course la the money is soooo good. Haha..but I really hope that my previous intern company, Schlumberger will offer me international or oversea placement. I really3x hope so. Hehe..i'll pray hard for that & wish me luck guys..

p/s: kinda sad because some of my friends will be graduating soon. sedih biler terkenang kenangan suka-duka time sama-sama join event. seriously, will miss you guys so much especially Aiza, Daus, Acap, Bangkit, Kudah and those yg pernah kerja sekali with me. I wish you the best of luck in your future undertaking k~ =)

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aizayazid said...

will miss u tooo bi!!!sobs2~