Thursday, May 20, 2010

Koleksi Cerita: March, April & May~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t & a very good day to all~

Hokeyh,blog nie sgt2 la bersawang ye, last post was in February & now we're in May. So it has been 3 months from my last post. Reason? Takde mood & internet UTP yg sgt weng. for this time around, I want to compile all the things I've done within the last 3 months (March, April & May). Haha..ala2 album compilation la, 1 post gedebuk terus dgn mcm2 cerita. So nak separate by month ke or by title? Hurmm...kita separate by month la ye,senang sikit nak cerita, nampak flow nyer. Haha..


Hmm..bulan nie mcm takde pape yg menarik je. Haha..oh yeah,bulan nie cuti mid-sem, so sgt la busy dgn test & assignments yg berlambak-lambak nak kena hantar. I remember, I got 4 tests just before the mid-sem holidays. This was a crazy month I guess, caught up with all the responsibilities as the university student. Haha..


Hmm..I think I got things that were going on this month, Chemi Jan'06 Outing & a Crazy Trip with my friends. Hehe..

Chemi Jan'06 Outing

Ok,for those yg tak tau ape kejadah nyer Chemi Jan'06 tu, that's my batch & course. Chemi adalah singkatan utk course Chemical Engineering & Jan'06 is our intake time masuk UTP dahulu kala iaitu intake January 2006. So, jd la Chemi Jan'06. So pada tanggal 9/4/2010 iaitu pada hari Jumaat, around 30++ dak2 Chemi Jan'06 went to Manjong & Lumut for our so called 'outing'. Haha..we had steam bot buffet at Shabu-Shabu in Manjong. I think I had posted an entry regarding this place when I was going with my other friends (click here). After dining together, we decided to go to Lumut just for jalan2. Haha..memang takde keje time nie. Pastu keje tangkap2 gambar je., enjoy some of the pics yaa~

Crazy Trip: Ulu Kenas, Kuala Kangsar & Taiping

Haa,nie plak di panggil crazy trip sbb tak plan sgt pon, last sampai ke Taiping ktorg pergi. Haha..if I'm not mistaken, this was on 17/4/2010. At first, nak mandi manda je kat Ulu Kenas, but then hantu mana ntah rasuk ktorg, last jalan sampai ke Kuala Kangsar & Taiping. Hehe..kat Kuala Kangsar tu jln2 sikit then makan laksa & cendol kat tepi sungai. Kinda nice gak la. Then jalan ke Taiping, main swan-boat dekat tasik then makan lg, mee udang taiping plak this time. Haha..mcm jln2 carik mkn la plak, keje dok mkn je kn. Malas nak bebel pjg2, enjoy da pics jela yee~


Hmm..bulan nie belom abes pon lg kan, tapi rase nyer takde pape sgt pun yg akan berlaku kecuali ktorg skrg kat UTP tgh Final Exam, and my paper will finish exactly end of May. early this month, we had our batch dinner. Since some of our batch which is Jan'06 will be graduating soon (this June), so we decided to have the dinner this sem. We had it at Clearwater Sanctuary Resort, Batu Gajah. The theme was "Elegant Black & White" and we had a bbq buffet with performances while we were eating. Sgt enjoy la that night even though some us couldn't make it but most of us did attend the dinner la. Congrats to the organizing committee & those who came. So,again let the pics do the talking. Hehe..

with my rumet, Wan~

Haha..diapit with 2 Vietnamese~

with Jaspreet~

with Amin, the best dress that night~

Ok,tu jela kot for the time being. I finished one paper last Tuesday & got 3 papers next week and the last one for the following week. Wish me luck~ =)

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