Thursday, September 11, 2008

I need to CHANGE!!!

Salam to all readers,

Sorry coz I still couldn't upload the pics during Convofair since I still didn't get few of the pics from my friends yet..but hope I can upload it soon..

Anyway,from my title above,I want to write something bout myself lately...huhu...I think I've found a new place to express my feelings+emotions+problem etc which is my blog~ yesterday and a day before,I had 2 test; Safety on Tue & ProbStat on Wed...I did quite ok la during both test since the questions are ot that difficult...but what I regret most is my attitude...i missed 2 days of terawikh since I'd stayed up to study for the test a day before each test (so at night,I felt sooo sleepy & missed my terawikh)...the worst part was,yesterday I slept for almost 12 hours (from 9 pm to 7 am)...huh,teruk kan??? Then for today,I didn't have any lab and supposedly I do some callings for CPW but again,I slept from 3pm to 6pm...OMG,what's wrong with me...I sleep a lot lately...I know la it's fasting mont but I shouldn't do that right...hmmm...

Well,I pray to God that I could change after more excessive sleeping after this...k guys,I need to get ready for terawikh after this..if you have any advise to me,please leave your comment here..please,I really need it...k,Happy Fasting and all the best~


d thoughts said...

huhuuhuhu, my dear adik, hehehe, i felt d same feeling like you last semester, when we're preparing for d tec...i know, it quit stress for us n i know how hard it is for d 2nd 2nd chemi...w 4 labs, test n assignment + project + (very2 tough course), nyway, what can I said it, kurangkanlah tidur :), i also missed my terawih for 2 days, since i sleep at 9 n wake up at 3,sahur solat etc...nyway, if u can get through w dis ramadhan w dos things, it will give u such a lot preparation 4 nex semester ....tidur x cukup, adalh perkara biasa, plus, after dis u maybe can try, after terawih, if x da metng, terus tidur, bgn awal sket, about 3 am in d morning, u have a better condition to study n plus u can do ur tahajjud... try n go for it k...i know u can get through this tough condition since u've been involved w dis kind of story b4 dis..slamat berISYAK d masjid, slamat berpuasa n selamat berjuang.. { bla SOR nk bukak posa sm2?}

Anonymous said...

dear anas a.k.a anas, what you are experiencing right now is totally normal. It takes a lot of sacrifice being a chemy student. It's a demanding course, brain crushing and unbearably exhausting and what you can do about it all is to plan and do and check and act and then plan again and again until it becomes near perfect.

Ramadhan is an holy month, the month described as the leader of all months, the month where all the sunat equal to fardhu and the almighty blessing, forgiveness and independent from the hell blanket those who is serious in looking for them and treat ramadhan as the most important guest in their life.

Sleep of a slave of Allah in this month is considered ibadah and the silence is considered zikir. It is not like I am telling you that sleeping a lot is OK but to make you understand that there's nothing to be sad upon. 'la tahzan..' the lord said which means dont be sad. Muslim do not feel sad on the worldly matter.

thus anas, only you yourself can help you. You must plan, you must obey to your plan, do what you plan, recheck your plan and act.Let the cycle continue and at the end may Allah open your horizon of peception and thinking so that you heart will become free out of all the miserable and agonizing tight schedule etc.


kamal said...

try back to the basic..
after u wake up in the morning, having ur sahur, n not to sleep yet..perform ur subuh first n don't sleep unless u feel very2 we all know that, hari yang baik bermula dengan pagi yg baik..hv a try on day should be enough..i have done it up until now..but at the end of the day, its up 2 u back..thnx u..salam

Anonymous said...

akak kuat tdo...hehe