Monday, September 8, 2008

It's BUSY time~

Assalamualiakum w.b.t. ,

Dear readers,sorry coz dah lame x update this blog. I was (still am) busy to update this blog. Plus,dgn masalah internet UTP nie yg cukup menguji kesabaran (sgt lah lmbt yer internet kat UTP nie,nak update blog pun susah). Now I'm using wireless at my room,plus I have time to update the blog. But yet,don't expect me to update this blog everyday la..I'll try to post something at least once a week..

Sedikit tazkirah, sedar x sedar,dah seminggu kita berpuasa. Harap2 byk lah ibadah yg kite dh buat yeee. Bulan Ramadhan adalah bulan di mana kite digalakkan utk memperbanyakan ibadah, doa & amal makruf. So,I hope all my muslim's friends out there to fully utilized this opportuniy given by Allah S.W.T. Semoga kita akan menjadi insan yg lebih baik after this,insyaAllah.

Okey,so what I have done this week? Definitely la doing my other rutins; going to lectures,labs, doing assignments bla,bla,bla..Kinda dull actualy my life lately but yet still damn busy. I had 2 test (Process Instrumentation & Chemical Reaction Engineering) last week and I did so bad on those. Seriously very disappointed with that. Yela,my test was just after the Convofair. I didn't have enough time to catch up and cover all the topics for the test (eventhough some of the questions were taken from the assignment & lecture notes). But for this coming week, I got 3 test (the remaining - Separation Process II, Probability & Statistics and Process Safety & Loss Prevention). And yet,I'm still not ready for those. Haiya Anas,wake up la...come on,you need to study very hard k...guys,please advise me on this..hehe..

Ok,it's already 12.30 midnight now. I'm soooo sleepy + tired actualy..I had a 5 hours post-mortem on the morning till evening...but yet it wasn't a bad thing actualy..I already missed my beloved Sponsorship Dept - Aisyah,Shariffah,Syu,Nisa,Pidot,Rahman,Mira & Amaleena. You guys had done a very good job...well done~ On the Monday night,I'll be having a HICOM-EC Postmortem...last year,it took 3 days..I don't la this how..hopefully 1 day would be enough..kinda cuak actually...dunno why...huuuu...

K guys,sorry if my post is kinda bored. After this I'll be uploading few pictures during Convofair 2008 k.. Take care & happy fasting~

(P/S: thanks for those yg keep asking me to update this blog. Sorry ya coz only this time I can post something...appreciate ur support very much~)


my name is KARL said...

hehe... ok anas.. understood!

Abe He said... try..keep it up

letak la gambar cadid ker..gambar lecturer ker..coz ker..pape jer la..pastu bleh gosip ramai2..haha

selamat berblog

abe he said...

eh silap..good..

aizayazid said...

anas sgt suke gne ayt 'fully utilized' die!!heheheh