Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back-to-back Birthday Celebration~

Salam & good day to all...

Last Wednesday (21 October 2009) was my beloved mentor's birthday (her name is Agnes Tan). So,we the Completions people were planning a surprise party for her. Also, a day after, after touched by our surprise party, she bought us a dinner at Fisherman Restaurant (where all the foods were supremely delicious! Haha..hyperbola cket. =P).

this is her, not the koala k! (pic taken from her FB~)

So,back to the surprise party, the master plan were Premjit, Airin & Elly (the Lady Engineer trio). They planned to surprise her during the night. Plan nyer adalah, ktorg beramai - ramai from Prem's house bwk birthday cake tunggu depan pintu and as she wants to go out, ktorg dah tercegat kat depan pintu and say "Surprise!!". That was the plan lah. Tapi biasa la,kita hanya mampu merancang tp tuhan yg menentukan (sesuai ke? boley la...). Nama pun org Malaysia kan,plan tu suppose to be at 7.30 p.m tapi since mostly dtg lambat, so tak jadi la nak ikut plan asal tuh (but me, Jamal, Zaini & Kamal dtg awal ye,tp kul 7.40 la. Hehe..thanks to Kamal for picking us up walaupun kete Kancil dia mcm nak roboh. =P). So since Agnes pun dah nak keluar,last2 ktorg yg ada time tu menyorok kat bilik bawah rumah Elly (also Agnes' & Airin's house) with the cake. Nasib baik la bilik tu ada control panel utk letrik rumah tu,so ktorg pun black-out kan rumah tu and with the cake, all of us went out from the room and together sang the Birthday's song to her (agak menjadi la supprise tu walaupun semua dah kelam kabut since Agnes dah nak keluar mkn dah time tue,dia dah bukak pintu dah pun pastu tiba2 black-out kn. Hehe..). Owh,we had KFC & Pizza Hut for the party. Nyummy~~

us, walking for the surprise~

the cake, small but meaningful~

happy besday Agnes~ =D
(how come u Hasfia wat tanduk kt aku! ceh..)

all of us; a big happy family~ =)

the pic taken from the stairs (kinda like this photo~ sweet!!)

again, me & baby Hariz (but he was quite moody that night. sigh~)

Ok, title pun dah back-to-back kan. So of course la ada 2 ceritas. a day after, Agnes pun treat us all a dinner. It was my 1st time eating at the Fisherman Restaurant even though byk org yg ckp restaurant tu best. She booked 2 tables for us and we had a very good foods that night (some of the foods we had kinda rare and only Labuan has it~). Thanks to Mazlan for picking us up from the house (and hantar blk obviously~). Among yg dtg mlm tu adalah : me (obviously lah!! perlu ke mention? =P), Jamal, Zaini, Agnes, Kamal, Airil, Mazlan, Airin, Husna, Premjit, Aleng, Amy, Elly, Hasfia, Hung (the Vietnamesse guy), Pak Asep, Ruby, Fatimah & Jennie (owh,what a list~). Yg penting, all of us went back home with a full stomach. =D

besar punya!! Haha..=P

this is what they call "Sata" - family of lobster & prawn

me enjoying all the foods~ terbaek boh!!

the other table~

me, still eating. since aku trainee, so diorg suruh aku abes kan semua makanan tuh (motip!?)~

p/s: thanks to my housemates for cooking the dinner tonite. diorg suruh aku relax since I was cooking for them in 2 nights. the foods were delicious though. Cheers~

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