Thursday, February 18, 2010

my whole Internship wrap-up...

“I have no advise to leave you except to remind you to continue to live with and believe in the SHARED VALUES in both your professional and personal lives. To the younger generation, you need to know and remember that it was not so easy in the early days. It is now your turn to carry the torch – keep it high and keep it burning. Learn from your elders. Give them the respect they deserve. To the elders, nurture the younger generation so that they can continue the legacy. As I have said, there will be many challenges as you go forward. It will require a large amount of resilience and perseverance. The Global Championship journey will never end – it continues. Remember, if it ends, it will be the beginning of the end.”

(Tan Sri Hassan Marican, ex-CEO of Petronas)

Salam & Good Day to all...

I started my entry this time with a quote from one of the persons that I admire the most, Tan Sri Hassan Marican. Most of you would certainly know him right. He's one of the important people who brought Petronas up to today's level. Him leaving the company is such a lost but everyone has their own time to step down right. I just want you to think for a while on what he has said a day before his retirement. Renung - renungkan & selamat beramal.. =)

me in the year 2007...(sila compare dgn 2010, jauh beza~)

Ok, enough with that. So for today's entry, I just want to have a proper wrap-up on my internship which I just finished it a month before. So here some of the stories that I wish to share with you. Hahaha..just some of introduction for those who might be wondering where I was doing my internship. I did my intern in Schlumberger (one of the service provider in oilfield), attached in Completions Segment, located in Labuan, Malaysia. The duration was from 2nd June 2009 - 6th Jan 2010 (basically almost 8 months or 32 weeks).

It's all started when I submitted my resume at Schlumberger's booth during OGS - Oil & Gas Symposium (which was somewhere in March, 2009). Alhamdulillah, my resume got shortlisted and I got into the 1st stage of the interview during TEC - Technology, Education & Career (a.k.a UTP Career Fair). During the 1st stage tu, I was needed to pick a topic from a bowl & talk about it for 3 minute (I got topic on lightning/kilat - totally merapu my answer). At 1st memang tak expect to get into the 2nd stage since I thought I screwed my 1st stage tapi Alhamdulillah, rezeki dapat ke 2nd stage. During the 2nd stage (which was on the following day), it was a group assessment where we were divided into groups of 6-7 if I'm not mistaken lah. We were needed to build a platform from papers & tapes which can stand 8 golf balls (but my group's platform could only bare 5 balls before it collapsed).

Then few days after, I got a call from Chin Na (one of the recruiter), saying that me & 5 other student got into the 3rd stage which was done in Rohas, KL. In the 3rd stage, I was interviewed one-on-one by the Recruiting Manager (which was Wang Yu at that time) and it was a bit relax since the interview was more on knowing my personalities & interests. Alhamdulillah, a day after, the result came out and I received an email from Kak Fauziah (also one of the recruiter) saying that I got offered for a placement in Schlumberger as Interns. Fuhh, bukan senang ye nak dapat, kena undergo 3 stages of interview and those 3 were kinda hard, trust me...

So, starting 2nd June 2009, bermula lah hidup ku sebagai seorang Intern kat Schlumberger Labuan. The life was pretty hard for the first 2 months since I need to adapt to the environment, the people & the culture there. Kena study giler-giler since I don't have any background on Petroleum Eng. It was a challenge for me but hey, I like challenges, if not I wouldn't choose this company. Kena marah, tengking, humiliated and pressured tu sgt lah biasa kat sane. But I learned a lot there. Seriously, there's not even a single regret accepting the offer (Alhamdulillah, I also got 3 other offers from DPS Bristol, Halliburton & Aramis). I met great people and the food there (especially seafood) are marvelous. Cuma Labuan is just a small island, so 8 months staying there was quite boring I would say. Nothing much can be done there except work, work and work!! Huh~~

I don't want to tell every single thing that I had in Labuan since I posted quite a lot of entries on my activities in Labuan. So I just want to share some pictures taken during my last few days in Labuan. Enjoy....

with my visiting lecturer & other UTP Trainees during my Final Presentation
(from left: Tnay, me, Dr. Khalik, Epit & Kuhan)

Completions vs. Well Services football match..

the supporters, to bad we lost 3-0! ;'(

Zaini, Pui, me, Ruby, Eddep, Iwan & Hitla..

~Schlumberger Completions Labuan team~

P/S: I'm kinda missing them & the food in Labuan. Hehe..hope to be back someday....=)


Qarl said...

even though uniform tu dh mcm buruh yg pting ur salary puluhan ribu kan

ok la tu

skyputra said...

salam..macam mane nak mohon keje kt Schlumberger?