Monday, February 22, 2010


what are u looking at? wanna some? ahakz~! ;P

Salam & good day to all...

Huh,tajuk entry kali nie adalah "Random". Why? Sebab there's no specific story or topic that I want to write in this post. Just something that I had some thoughts on, some series that I'm currently watching it & something I did over the last weekend. Itulah sebab nyer..

A Thought of Mine...

Ok, I had this thought when read some of my friends blog. People can be different when they're writing something like a blog or a poem. They can be someone else. But I would like to be specific, which is in blog writing. I read one blog belongs to a friend of mine; where his writing is different form his characters. But I can tell that he was writing from his heart, deep down inside, he is another person. Well, everyone has their own signature of writing their blog. Some express their feeling, some put their "karya", some share experiences & stories and list goes on. Me? Oh, I like to write stories and experiences that I had. Why? Because I want to treasure that moment & everytime I read back all my posts, sometimes I cried. Haha..because I miss that moment that I had. Yes, this blog is something precious to me. Maybe I rarely update it but I just want to make sure that everytime I post something, it has some meanings to me which I'll cherish & remember it. I don't really like to express my feelings or opinion over some issues in my blog. Again, everyone has their own way of writing a blog. Enough said~!

My series-to-watch list: 2 newly-added~

Recently, I watch some series which kinda make me stuck like for hours in front of my laptop to finish watching it. Hoho..those are The Vampire Diaries & The Mentalist. I also watch other series but those are the newcomers of my series-to-watch list. Ok, some synopsis of the two series.

The Vampire DiariesThis drama/series is about two Vampires (old but young-looking); Stephen & Damon came to a town, Mystic Falls because of a woman named Elena. She has a face which resembles the dead vampire, Katherine which used to be both lovers. This series has some Twilight & True Blood influence in it where sometimes you can see some similar parts. Well if u like hot & good-looking vampires, u might want to watch this. Anyhow, the storyline is good though, worth to watch..

The Mentalist
This is not really a new series like the Vampire Diaries since it's already in Season 2. If u guys like to watch House & CSI (must like both, not either one), this is a story that u should watch. It's about Patrick Jane which helping CBI in solving murder cases. He has this ability like Sherlock Holmes, I would say where he analyzes everything he sees around him in order to solve the case. He's not a psychic though, he just observes things based on logic. His attitudes are kinda similar to House which is annoying in some ways but always right.

It's MAKAN Time...

Last Friday, I went to Pizza Hut at Batu Gajah to belanja some of friends; Acap, Aiza, Embun & Kudah. Why? Saje je nak belanja. Oh, I feel good when I'm treating someone. But of course lah, I can't treat people always, kadang-kadang jela bila ada duit lebih kan. When I was in Labuan doing my internship in Schlumberger, they have this attitude of belanja other people. Everytime when we had dinner together or we went for karaoke; they normally berebut to pay for it. At first I feel weird about it but somehow I realize, it feels good when we sometime spend some money to other people. We can see their happy faces and saying "thank you" to you; it's such a satisfaction to me. So back to the Pizza Hut story, we had our dinner there somewhere at 7 p.m. I said to them, just order anything that u wish to eat. So Acap had Seafood Lagsana & Deli Wings, Embun had Cheese-baked Meetball, Aiza had Meetball Bolognaise & Salad, Kudah had Cheese-baked Rice and I had Super Supreme Cheesy Lara Stuff Crust Pizza & Deli Wings. For dessert, we had Choclate Volcano & Fuji Cake. Korg mesti fikir, wow diorg nie tak makan seminggu ke apa. Haha.. Nyummy~

the food we had~

Embun & me~

Kudah & Aiza~


the Choc Volcano we had; besar & sedap~!

the Fuji Cake - sedap juga!!


Qarl said...

chantek gmbr dgn ABC tu

gune kamera ape eh?


aizayazid said...

anass!!!!nk cite vampire diaries tu!!hehe