Sunday, July 19, 2009

Me at Schlumberger : the Office & Miri stories~

Salam & good day to all~

Don't know why I got the 'mood' to write in my blog. It's my 2nd time of the day writing in this blog. Maybe I started to love blogging as compared to before. So for this entry, I divide it into two parts, one about my workplace at Schlumberger and the other one is about my 5 days in Miri.

Office at Schlumberger

Ok,some introduction of my segment (or others call department). I'm in Completions (where most of you are aware of it kan?) and it consists of 3 sub-segments namely are Core Completions (CC), Remote Monitoring & Control (RMC) and Sand Management System (SMS) or we normally call it as Sand Control. So, I'll be in each sub-segment for 2 months. Now I'm in CC and about to finish actually by end of this month.

the pantry~

the office looks like on Saturday..

my own desk @ cubical~ =)

5 days in Miri..

Last week, from 13th to 17th of July, I was in Miri for Sea Survival course/training (or people normally called it BOSET). I did it at MSTS for 3 days, 1 day for transfer medical (for Petronas) and on Friday is my flight back to Labuan. I was staying at Grand Palace Hotel (which cost me RM1954 for staying there but Schlumberger bares all the cost la..). So for 5 days in Miri, besides undergo the training during the day, me & Faris went out with Epun & Wan at night (thanks so much ye Epun & Wan). In fact, Wan was staying at my room for 4 nights. Hehe..oh,not to forget, I also went there with my FSM, Pak Orient & another guy from D&M (stands for Drilling & Measurements) names Leonardo (he's a Brazilian). So Epun & Wan brought us around Miri during the night with Epun's new Viva. Hehe..we watched Transformer at Bintang Plaza since Faris is desperately wanted to watch that movie so much but ended up 3 of us sleeping during the movie except for Wan (we were tired,not because the movie was not good). For dinner,the 1st night, I treated them all at Secret Recipe, then we went to Selera Rasa Sedap (SRS) Restaurant (twice) and Muara Restaurant for the following nights. Oh, during the last night, I went out with Embun, Odie, Raffie & Yasmin plus of course la with Wan & Epun (Faris already went back to Labuan that time). Again, I bought them all for dinner at SRS.

During the Sea Survival training, I had to listen for 1 day lectures about safety, sea survival etc. The next day, I had HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) at the pool. At 1st, we need to jump from a 2 stories height buliding place into the pool (kinda scary for me since I'm a height phobia person but I did jump ok). Then,we also had a training on the Safety Boat and Sea Survival. Next,the highlight of the day,of la the HUET where we were needed to be inside the helicopter and escape from it when the helicoptern is underwater. We also had Fire Fighting training and First Aid. Now, I can go offshore for PETRONAS, Shell & Murphy well So the my flight back to Labuan was at 11 o'clock on Friday (17/7) by MasWing (for both trip). So within a month, I had 7 flights; when I came to Labuan at the 1st time (1), to Kemaman (4) and to Miri (2). For Labuan-Miri trip, the fares just rm300++ if you go there by MAS,not sure if by AirAsia how much will it cost. It feels so good to be back in Labuan you know. Cheers~ =)

during my flight back to Labuan..

p/s: I didn't take any picture while I was in Miri. Only when I was on the flight back I had the opportunity. So sad~


Aman / Ray said...

BOOOO! hahaha

mzdiey said...

Slm...i would like to ask u about the training (BOSET)..i'm wearing spectacle. with miopia problem aka rabun jauh, can i take the training?.. n my last question. i'm currently in final year bachelor degree mech..and would like to work in oil n gas company...what should i do??...can u give my any guidelines to start career in oil n gas for fresh graduate...and do they look on d'pointer??..

mzdiey said... can i apply a job in sclumberger...right know i'm doing my practical in labuan shipyard Eng...can u tell me how u got the job in scluumberger...