Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Ups & Downs of My Life..


Hari ni aku rasa agak happy la. Maybe some people think that I shouldn't be happy because of it but if you were in my position, surely you'll feel the same way. Today, I got the opportunity to redress the MRP (Modular Retrievable Packer) with Raj & Hector which is very hard to get that chance la. Sure korang fikir,apa la yg best sgt kan. If you guys are working in Oil & Gas industry, especially in Service Company like Schlumberger, to get to know things that you can hardly see it everyday, it's such a bless for me to get to see it. I can see the parts inside the packer and redress it where even some engineers that been working years in Slb haven't seen it. Lucky me. Tomorrow I'll be redressing the XMP (Premium Multi-Port packer) which is the most high tech equipment that Slb have ever made. Again,I'm soo lucky to see all the inside parts of it. Plus, since I'm having 1st visit tomorrow, I managed to 'pujuk' Hector & Raj to do it after I finished the the visit and they agreed. Yuhuu...=) Then,another thing is,my engineers and specialists are so supportive,even for my 1st visit they also want to attend it. It's hard to get their support since Slb's people is known because of their 'ego'. Even in other segments, most of the trainees like 'dipinggirkan'. So,to have such a supportive team in the segment during my internship, it helps to keep my moral up.

Btw,like stated at the title above,there're some 'down' times for me. Yesterday, I really felt so down and I even thinked that I won't be joining Slb after this.'s all because of what my mentor said to me during the pressure test yesterday's evening. At that time,we were talking about my future & stuff. So I was saying that,my mentor might get an email from the Recruiter to ask about my 'prestasi' when I was doing my internship in Slb, either I can be a Field Engineer in this company or not. You know what she said, she said that "Aku akan cakap kat recruiter ko yg ko ni takleh wat keje & bla,bla,bla..", and I was like so supprised by what she said. The day before, I was staying until 7 p.m just to put all the assemblies into the basket before they are sent to offshore. Just imagine,only me, Salleh & Erwan did that job. All of them were going home even though they're the one who should stay and do all those jobs since they're going offshore and I'm not. It's not the only thing la, I've done a lot of things without she knew it and just because I screwed up one thing during the pressure test, she said I cannot work in the company. I was pissed off that time but I didn't show it la. I just pretended that I'm ok with what she was saying and just continued talking with her. It's not the 1st time actually,I felt the same way lots of times since I joined this company. My mentor is very hard to be satisfied,you know. But well,that is what you'll exprienced when you join multi-national company like Slb. A lot of tough time while working here.

So,moral of the story,just live your life to the fullest. Yeah,you might feel down sometimes,but good things surely will happen in your life after that. I just want to quote some lyrics sang by Miley Cyrus, The Climb : "I gotta be strong, I gotta keep pushing on.." Cheers~ =)


I am Karl said...



die gurau je tu

aNaS iBraHiM said...

it didn't look like she's kidding. even today when my lecture came to visit, she said the same thing. maybe her expectation towards me is so high & i still didn't meet her expectation yet. we'll see how..

sang kelana said...

hei...chill out man...try to show the very best~
btw,jz graduated from utp,my konvo bau je friend there in SLB,resulted from internship (jz want to give you a reason to be strong) .i heard is VERY tough there even they are .so just bear it.hope you manage to secure job there..good luck for internship!!

Maher said...

ak tak tau nk ckp apa...tapi kalo aku jadi recruiter tuh, ak komfem amik ko. sebab aku kenal ko.

but the problem is, she didnt know u.
jadi tak payah susah2 fikir. kita tak pernah tahu mcamana takdir Tuhan tu dilaksanakan, tapi pastinya ia penuh rahsia buat mereka yang ingin pasrahkan segala-galanya kepada Tuhan.

anas, ko cube je la buat elok2..kalo boleh biar smpai kita menguasai keje tuh, dan bukan keja yang menguasai hati kita.

weh, sori la ceramah. neway, terharu giler ko sebut pasal aku dalam post 'memori' ko tuh..sob..sob

aNaS iBraHiM said...

Sang Kelana: thanks for the words.

Maher: haha..terharu gak aku ko bg komen nih. agak menyentuh perasaan. well,life time keje mmg mencabar la. must be strong physically & mentally, if not,mmg la xleh gi.

cheers to all~

Mr k.A said...

rilek bro..intern je pon..klo slb x nk ambk ko, ade byk lg company lain :P cheers