Friday, July 10, 2009

What A Day~

Salam & Greetings~

Today for the 1st time, I went back home at 7 p.m since I was quite busy helping the team to put some assemblies into the basket for load-out (FYI,those terms are oilfield terms). They were GT Packers, Side Pocket Mandrels and others that I could not recall for Bokor Project, Well Bo-221. So we finished somewhere around 5++ p.m. So I stayed at the office,did some readings while waiting the clock to tick at 7 p.m. Oh yeah,maybe some of you are wondering what the hell I was talking about at the early sentences. Just so you know, I'm currently in Completions Segment,to be specific in Core Completions. In this segment,we deal with equipments such as Safety Valve, Isolation Valves (such as TIV,FIV), Packers, Sliding Sleeve and many more. Every equipments has their own function,if I were to explain those all,memang sampai ke esok tak abes. So,to sum up everything,those equipments mentioned before are installed for oil production (to know more,you may ask me later k). In CC,we have 4 Field Engineers namely Agnes, Amy, Elly & Suba-Rao. So just imagine, I need to satisfy all four engineers in order for me to pass my internship. Crazy huh? Yup,each of them ada la perangai masing2 & understanding yg berbeza-beza for every equipments. So,memang pening la aku bila diorg nie explain kat aku pasal setiap equipment sebab masing2 ada version yg tersendiri walaunpun basically lebey kurang je (tp diorg still nak jawapan ikut pemahaman diorg). Memang susah nak satisfy diorg berempat tuh. Kalo Field Specialist ada ramai,dalam 10 org, I guess. Tapi diorg sempoi je walaupun suh aku wat macam2. But it's ok cause it's for learning purposes. Nak dijadikan cerita, all three female engineers kat segment aku nih couple dgn specialist dlm segment yg sama. Oh,Amy dah kahwin pun dgn Ah Teng (nama Melayu nyer Fadzli), Elly and Hasfia will engage somewhere this Discember but Agnes and Jilbert "teman tapi mesra". Gitu lah cerita sedikit sebanyak dlm segment aku nie.

So,normally aku pergi kerja dlm pukul 7.10 a.m camtu and balik around 5 p.m (by pick-up which is a bus). For lunch,normally I had at the cafe at base,just need to pay RM3 and you'll get 4 dishes including drinks and fruit. Tapi sometimes ada gak la engineer or specialist ajak aku kuar lunch sekali dgn diorg. Yg pasti,sume di tanggung. A day before yesterday,my Manager belanja 10 of us for lunch. Apa lagi,bedal la lauk byk2 time tu. Bila lagi kan Manager nak belanja. Thanks ya Pak Orient (he's Idonesian,so all of us call him Pak). For dinner,depends la. If I was like damn fucking tired,right after Maghrib prayer I went to sleep already. But if I still have some energy, I walked to the nearest restaurant which takes nearly 10 minutes from my house (normally with Ridhwan and Naseer). Kalau dah malas sgt,makan jela Maggie. zaman sekolah lak kan. Nak wat camne. Kalau rajin lagi,gi la town by taxi,so pegi la KFC ke, PizzaHut ke, McD ke or other restaurant available in Labuan. Weekend?? How about my weekend eh? in Schlumberger,we only have one day for weekend which is on Sunday. On Saturday,we still need to work okey (half day only but if got lotsa work to do,it might drag until five or seven o'clock). So during weekend,it's for me to rest heavenly in the house. Layan cite kat external hard disk (cite2 yg telah di download kat UTP dulu) or layan la cite kat TV (kalau ada cite best la!). Or maybe hang out with my friends (tapi kat Labuan nie,kalau hang out pun,alih2 kat Financial Park tu gak~). But then, I just been here for a month. Lotsa places to be visted really soon~ Haha..

p/s: I'll be going to Miri this Sunday (12/7) until Friday (17/7) for Sea Survival course. Last month I went to Kemaman,so this time to Miri. Next month hopefully (really2 hope to) that I'll be going offshore~


waheeda hasbullah said...

intipati kehidupan bekerja
at least ak da ad hint

Anonymous said...

ive been following ur blog
nice writing

really intrstd bout ur internship at schlumberger =)

just wanna ask bout the requirements to get the internship there

do i have to get dean's list??
and r there any interview??

sorry 4 the inconvenience
hv a nice weeekend

aNaS iBraHiM said...

Anonymous: Mm,bout the requirements thingy, as long as u get above 3.00, it's ok already. there'll be 3 stages of interview. may i know from which uni r u?

liyana said...

oit..nk gmbr umah ko plak~ hehehe

Anonymous said...

thks 4 d info
im from utp
badge july 06
intern nex semester

the interview susah x??
hehe :)