Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Life: A month in Labuan

Oh,it has been almost a month since my last post in this blog. Even though azam nak update every week but since mood utk tulis blog cm takde je,so tak update2 la blog nie. Lgpun bkn ade readers pun kan. So,no pressure! Hehe..ok,after a month plus in Labuan,a lot of things happened to me. So,let's recap what I had after a month in Labuan (besides working at the base):

1) Going to Kemaman Base

Ok,on 25th June 2009 (Thursday) at 4.30++pm, I got a call from Hasfia (my senior,his a Field Specialist for Core Completions) to go upstairs, meeting him (i was chatting with Hector & Airil at the smoking area at that time,but I don't smoke ok!). Then I went upstairs and he asked me to accompany him to Kemaman Base on 26th (which is the next day) and our flight is at 8.00am. Damn,it was so last minutes and I couldn't say NO of course,so I went with him to Kemaman then. We took a flight from Labuan to KLIA and from KLIA to Kuantan. The gap between both flights is 7 hours approximately,so we went to Times Square and Low Yat in between the flight time. Then once arrived in Kuantan,a pick-up took us to our hotel in Cherating which is at Impiana Cherating Resort. It's a 4 stars hotel, I guess and one room per person,no sharing. From the hotel to Kemaman Base,it took almost an hour I think. There at the base,I helped him to take our stuff (most of them are lock-out tools) to be shipped to Labuan Base. After 3 days in Kemaman,we went back to Labuan on the 30th. Again,the gap also was 7 hours,so we went to Times Square also where I watched Transformer and had a lunch at Secret Recipe & bought some Big Apple's donuts (since Labuan's cinema sucks big time and there's no Secret Recipe & Big Apple - so cam org jakun cket la time tu. =P),so when I had the opportunity to be in K.L, defenitely la I enjoy myself to the fullest. expenditure of the trip per person would be: hotel - rm1300 & flight - rm1899 (ditanggung sepenuh nye by Slb,thanks ye Slb~ =D)..

the balcony of my room (view nyer adalah pantai cherating~)

the living room~ =D

my comfy bed..

my dinner during the flight back to Labuan (MAS Flight)

the view from my seat~

2) Good boy gone bad...
Haha..pada tanggal 4 July 2009,pukul 11.00 p.m, officially aku gi ke Pub at Dorsett Hotel. That's my 1st time to be in a pub. At 1st,I was hesitated to go,but I changed my mind and followed Ridhwan & Radzi that night. We had our dinner 1st,then around 11 p.m,we went to the pub. But no worries guys, I didn't do anything that against our religion (such drinking or having sex.. =P).We just sat there and watching the live band (the band was pretty cool though). There were some rugby guys (I think they just had a tournament) that rocked the pub by making lotsa noise and other weird stuff. Haha..around 1 a.m,we went back home I want to go to the pub again? - MAY BE..

In the pub bebeh (taken by my hp's camera,so not that good la~)

3) VT's day out!!
On the afternoon (today),we as the Vacation Trainee in Schlumberger had a day out together. Me, Mamoo, Aini & Faris. Since Mamoo & Aini are just about to finish their internship,so they both 'borong' kain & some other stuff since kat Labuan; kain, rokok, arak & coklat memang la sgt murah. But Mamoo was the highlight of the day. Haha..beli kain tak ingat dunia. Me as the Fashion Consultant Trainee, Aini as the Advisor @ Senior Consultant while Faris just tengok2 jela si Mamoo shopping tu sambil hisap rokok dekat sekotak gak la. Hehe..They spent I think almost rm300 or more for all the stuff. Owh yeah,some introduction of them; Mamoo (a.k.a Scofield Jr.) & Aini (a.k.a ustazah rock),they're both from UTM and only 2 months in Slb; Faris (bajet Awie..) plak from GMI and he just been in Labuan for 2 weeks but he'll be here for 4 months. So,those are my new friends here in Labuan la. But both Mamoo & Aini will be going back to UTM on this coming Thursday,so no more VT's morning meeting,no more Mamoo yg gila2 even though kadang2 quite annoying gak. sad bila diorg nak blah dah. Well,setiap pertemuan akan berakhir dgn perpisahan,so redha jela kan...

Mamoo & Aini sedang membelek-belek kain, Faris tgk jela..


I am Karl said...


giler jeles

nnt gaji byk

jom cuti kat cherating

u byr hotel

i sponsor foods & transport ok?

deal ---

waheeda hasbullah said...

good boy gone bad?
good boy is much preferable:)

aNaS iBraHiM said...

Haiqal: InsyaAllah,after dah keje that I'll sponsor k. Kalo ade duit lebih la time tue. Hehe..

Weeda: Just gone bad a lil' bit. But inner side of me still the same.


Anonymous said...

hi.. seems like u're doing ur internship at Schlumberger Labuan rite? how do u apply for it? cuz i will have my internship this year end.. =)

aNaS iBraHiM said...

Anonymous: if u r from utp,u can apply it during CPW'09. if not,u may apply it online at slb's website.


shark fin said...

wooo~~ niceee~~~ best gile~~~

tycoon said...

macamana nak apply internship kat sini?