Saturday, June 19, 2010

If I weren't becoming an engineer...

Salam & good day to all~

Lately I kept on wondering what would I be if weren't an Engineer? Well, I did have few ambitions when I was a little bit younger (skrg still muda lg, takde la 'tua' sgt~). Since I have a deep interest in science, I once wanted to become a Scientist. When I was in form 4 if I'm not mistaken, I wanted to become an Astrologist that time. Haha..but after the MARA Trial when I was in form 5, I got offered either to further my studies in Medic or Engineering. Then I decided to go for Engineering in UTP and I chose Chemical Engineering because I happened to like Chemistry at that time. But it turns out that Chemical Engineering has nothing much to do with Chemistry. Haha..I did feel regret with my decision but I need to move on with whatever I'm on right now. Alhamdulillah, things were good in UTP especially when I got offered to do my internship with one of the top Oil & Gas company in the world and hopefully I'll be working with them soon, once I graduated.

Gaya seorg future Field Engineer~ =P

But I don't want to talk about what I'll become soon because pretty much insyaAllah I'll be an engineer once I graduated. But what if I could turn back time & I can choose different path, what would I become? Haa..I want to involve in broadcasting industry, to become a host or maybe having my own talk show. Haha..totally different from what I'm doing right now. But who inspires me? Tadaaa:

Ryan Secrest

I really wanna be like Ryan Secrest, hosting American Idol & as a Radio DJ as well. He's very talented as a host and he even has his own entertainment company. Cool isn't it? I wish I were like him. Tapi cakap on stage pun gigil2 & english pun terabur, ada hati nak jadi cam dia. Hehe..another person whom I wish to become is...

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris! Owh, he's very talented actor/comedian. He can act, sing, hosting & even do magic. He has been hosting quite a number of big events such Tony Award, Emmy Award, TV Land Award & World Magic Award. He also performed in most of the events he hosted and also including opening of Academy Award recently. Damn he's good. Well, most of American or western actors are talented besides acting. what about Malaysian? Do I have anyone that I wish to become like one? Yeah, I did have one. And he is...

Ally Iskandar

Ally Iskandar! Haha..he's one of the talented host in Malaysia. He's hosting MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini) and hosted AJL (Anugerah Juara Lagu) for few times. He even got his own talkshow which is Ally. Actually I want to become more like him because he's educated and talented at the same time. Not most of the host in Malaysia, merapu je lebih. I like to host something that 'berilmiah' like MHI and at the same time, involves in entertainment business. You might be wondering, how about other figures like Aznil Nawawi or AC Mizal? Yeah, they also a good & talented host but I don't want to become like them. Haha..I wanna become a sempoi, funny & charismatic host if I could la; and be able to make jokes & make people laugh while I'm hosting & yet being respected by others at the same time.

Well, tu just my angan-angan jela kan. Surely I won't become like one. I'll stick to engineer kot. More stable career and hopefully one day I can have my own company. InsyaAllah.. =)


Qarl said...

doakan i jelah gapai kan cita2 u tu k


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Orkid said...

serius ko boleh jd host taw.

ur words r inspiring! maybe u can try to be one while working later. hehe