Monday, October 5, 2009

Celebrating the September's Babies~

Salam & good day to all~

Ok,this is the 3rd day in a row i'm writing in my blog (ntah ler,tiba2 mood nak menulis dtg. kalau tak,sampai berbulan-bulan tak update kan! Hehe..). Btw,last Friday, a bunch of Completions people (not all though) were celebrating the so call "September's Baby" which are Kamal, Airin & Ruby. It was a supprised to them actually (not to them only,org yg dtg pun t'suprise gak since only the organizer je yg tau. Haha..). At 1st, we all wanted to do it at Blue Wave but due to heavy rain, we switched the venue to Mehfil. So,among people yang hadir mlm tu adalah me (obviously,if not i won't be writing this rite!?), Premjit (as the master plan), Husna, Agnes, Iwan, Airil, Haslan, Elly & Najib; besides the 3 people who we were celebrating & tidak ketinggalan,the late comers; Roy & Jennie (tu pun sempat mkn kek je. Ok la tu kan,drp tak mkn pape..).

The so call party supposedly to start at 8 p.m tapi tau2 jela kan, waktu Malaysia,last2 start around 9 p.m. So we had some indian food at the restaurant which were roti Nan, nasi biryani, tandori chicken, prawn massala and some other foods that i couldn't recall (since mostly indian names la. sori..). And for the drinks,we all had a tasty & delicious Mango Lassy (nyum3x. owh,Ruby had Nescafe Ice. motip!?). So after some chit chat, eating & pictures taking, Prem & Husna sorok2 keluar, get the cake and then bagi kat org restoran tu through the kitchen's door. After few minutes, when all people started to settle down a bit, one man came from the kitchen and bring the cake to us. Since ktorg je yg ada dlm restaurant tuh,so tanpa segan dan silu nyer,we sang the birthday song out loud!! Hehe..owh,the cake is like damn delicious k! then as usual, more pictures taking moment until the clock ticks 10.30 p.m. After that,semua org pun cam dah ngantuk & penat,so most of us headed home except for Prem, Jennie, Roy, Iwan & Ruby where they all went to Dorsett for clubbing (biasa lah tu,name pon Schlumberger. =P). Tapi yg pasti, kezutan tu tetap menjadi. Mmg terharu lah diorg. Yeay~

So,these are the fun moment that we had that night :

some of the foods we had. nyummy~

biler la boleh mkn nih?! (muka2 kelaparan..)

the birthday cake! (soo delicious~)

the September's Babies (baby lg ke??)


see how excited we were? what a splendid nite~ =)

hah,tangkap jgn tak tangkap gambar kek itu~

p/s: so sad since my birthday falls on April, where i already finished my internship by that time. takpela,another party to expect from them (a farewell party perhaps? Hehe..=P) Cheers!!


I am Karl said...


baju itu

ermmm sweater itu

i tau


aNaS iBraHiM said...

haha..look good on me rite? =P

eazy said...

birthday saye on sept~

谢君龙 said...

hi anas,
seems fun~
ther will be a new member joining your segments right?khorzaini..

shark fin said...

i know the sweater..haha